Patriarchy or a Gynecocracy?

Odysseus (Ulysses) sailed by, bound tightly to the mast, while his men blocked their ears with wax. The Sirens were so distressed to see a man hear their song and still escape that they threw themselves into the sea and drowned.

Our dauntless President, has also tied himself to the mast of the ship of state, to protect his men from the sirens who have descended on the Potomac to shipwreck our patriarchy and established a gynecocracy government, not a matriarchy because these bird-women don’t want to be mothers.

Harpies from Hades

The hags from Hades have ascended upon the Capitol to harass good Republican men. Fight on, heroic President Trump and drive the viragoes back into the abyss, as you did with Queen Hillary. We can’t let these Harpies and Furies destroy our homes, ruin our wives and debase our country.

Christine Ford?

The media would have us to believe the whole nation was “riveted” on the Judge K hearings yesterday. Cindy mentioned the name Christine Ford several times in her opening message, which gathered up to 100 students and a number of students asked, “Who’s that?” None of them had a clue. These are college students who supposedly vote. How informed is their vote?

Actually, whatever campus we go to students are riveted on our message of repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; the fiasco yesterday in the Capitol was comparatively boring to face to face confrontation with the law and the gospel.

We are focused on what is happening today, not 35 years ago. There are drunken lusty males jumping on top of half-naked whorish drunken females every weekend. These days it may more likely be the “ho’s” on top of the “whoremongers,” or even worse with girls on top of girls and boys on top of boys.

Why should we expect them to be paying any attention to the Judge K hearings?

Feminist Hero

This is just too much that a porn whore could be considered a “feminist hero” or a “resistance hero” or even be a “victim” of “sexual assault” on stage. Everything she is doing and saying is obviously for publicity.

This prostitute has minus credibility. Alas, it demonstrates the degeneracy of our culture that anyone takes this female seriously except as a defamer of womanhood. I suppose there are females out there who have no talent as an actress or anything else, who aspire to be like the horrible Stormy.

They call it the “porn industry.” “Industry” is a good word that implies profitable production, not whoredom.

What ever happened to the vice squad?

Where have you gone Anthony Comstock? Your country needs you!

The High Price of Speaking Out Against Stormy Daniels


American Gospel

Critics of the so-called prosperity gospel refer to it as the uniquely “American gospel,” both of which are pejorative labels.


The gospel proclaimed in America might well be different from the way it is taught in other parts of the world. This country was established by our Puritan fathers, who considered America to be the New Jerusalem, or the New Israel, the City on a Hill, that was to be the light of the world. In those days America was known as the New World. She was “Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean.”

Through the 19th Century the prevailing view of the American church was Manifest Destiny, that Christian Americans were destined by God to conquer the wilderness from sea to shining sea. The idea was that savage America would be replaced with a Christian Civilization.

We had left aristocratic Europe behind where there was not the opportunity of upward mobility. Americans believed that if one is industrious, takes initiative and is able to live a life of independence from governmental economic controls, anyone can prosper by “pulling himself up with his own bootstraps.” It was axiomatic that “the Lord helps those who help themselves.” This vision was known as the American Dream. Americans believed that it was a God given right to pursue happiness (property and success).

The Protestant work ethic teaches that it is God’s will that men should work hard, make a profit, save, and be productive and successful. The doctrine of American exceptionalism was widely believed and promoted by all political parties, except for the socialists and communists. It should be noted that America was and remains an exception compared to the nations of the world, so we should have an Exceptional Gospel.

“The New Israel, Manifest Destiny, Christian Civilization, the American Dream, American Exceptionalism and the Protestant Ethic are all tied in with the true gospel of Jesus Christ, which he called the Kingdom of God or Heaven, when and where the Church, God’s people, rule and reign with Christ.

Thankfully, we are not living under the tyranny of the Roman Empire or an Islamic State governed by Sharia Law or the despotism and atheism of the former Soviet Union. Americans are a free people.

Unfortunately, some Christians think that if we are really spiritual that we should be a persecuted minority and not wealthy and healthy. Consequently, churches are often weak and sickly. Many ministers have the audacity to even call the church a hospital for the wounded. No, the church is the Army of God! We are not just conquerors; we are more than conquerors over the world, the flesh and the devil, who would have us to be poor and sickly.

So, call me a promoter of the prosperity gospel or a teacher of the American Gospel if you like. I am not ashamed of this gospel and neither is Joel Osteen, nor was Jeremiah of old, who wanted the people to prosper even in Babylonian captivity 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


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Leaving On a Jet Plane

Some of the objection and even resentment of Jesse Duplantis spending 54 million on a jet air plane is a failure of people and Christians in particular to either understand or appreciate basic principles of economics, especially as it relates to capitalism and investment. Folks we are not talking about a zero-sum socialist game, where one person’s gain is another person’s loss. Or as other critics of capitalism put it, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

Value is not an arbitrary sum determined by fiat nor is it determined by the labor involved in producing something as Marx taught. Real value is all in your mind. It is how much you want something. And the way to determine how much you desire something is to see what you are willing to trade for it. Jesse wants the plane badly and he claims that Jesus wants him to have it, Jesse is willing to trade 54 million dollars for the desire of his heart.

If two parties trade, both voluntarily, obviously, both parties think that their wealth increased. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have willingly traded. And if both sides think they got more value than they gave up, then, since it is all in their head anyway, they did! And BINGO! wealth is increased.

Jesse or at least his ministry will be richer if he gets the funds to buy his jet. When he pays Dassault Aircraft 54 million, Dassault will think they got the best of the deal in that they would prefer to have the money than the plane or an inactive assembly line and Jesse thinks he got the best of the transaction because he would prefer the plane to the dollars.

Think of all the jobs Dassault is providing for its workers, since Jesse wants his jet. The laborers and technicians now have more money to buy their modes of transportation, perhaps they will purchase some American made trucks.

Think of the job Jesse provides for his pilot and his mechanic to take care of the plane. The hamper where he stores the plane will profit. Jesse claims he will save money by not having to make additional fuel stops by landing in parts of the world where fuel is more expensive.

Jesse’s saving is gain for the American economy and for the gas and oil companies, thus helping to make America wealthy again, which could result in Trump getting reelected. Everybody, is thinker bigger now that we have a builder instead of a socialist who never creates any wealth but merely redistributes existing wealth.

Jesse will be able to travel with his team of musicians and other helpers to his ministry thus providing them jobs and opportunities to be a blessing and save more souls wherever he flies.

I could go on and on concerning the wealth that is going to be created by Jesse getting his jet. So, don’t deny Jesse his blessing; it will create wealth and I will take wealth over poverty any day. Hey, I might end up talking myself into sending an offering. On the second thought, maybe the Lord is saying something about a jet to me; I need to start listening more carefully.


Memorial Service at Arlington

Did you watch the Memorial Service at Arlington with the President presenting the wreath and his moving remarks?

When the President was introduced, he was wildly cheered by the people attending, which I assume was mostly made up of military families. They love the President.

The President paid tribute to Bob Dole (94) and the oldest survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack (106); both stood with the help of attendants and waved. He also honored the fallen heroes, whose families were present.

The son of one of our heroes is graduating from Liberty University and is going to join the armed forces and serve like his father did.

An about 8-year-old boy, who has become a friend of the President, was dressed sharply in a full marine uniform with cap and all. Earlier he had introduced the President to his father at his grave sight in Arlington.

Sara Huckabee Sanders, who is a hero in her own right, loomed behind these families. She takes bullets for the President from the snipers of the press in the W.H. briefings every day. And believe me, she knows how to fire back like a machine gun cutting them down one by one.

The President, as he always does in his ceremonial duties, struck just the right tone. I remember the media and Trump’s other political opponents during the campaign constantly questioning whether Donald Trump, with his politically incorrect and outspoken words and sometimes even personal insults, would be able to handle the official responsibilities of a President.

Candidate Trump assured everyone that he was raised well and knew how to behave when necessary. Those of us who were early on the Trump train knew this and had no doubts.

Reagan was also good in presidential rituals; however, he did not have the unique ability to get off script to connect with individuals and families that Trump has.

President Trump referred to God often in his speech and he reassured the families that their valiant and sacrificial husbands and fathers were “looking down from Heaven” with approval.

After all, did not Jesus say? “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”—John 15:13. These men laid down their lives for God, Country, and their comrades at arms.

After the ceremony ended the President, Secretary Mattis, generals, and other dignitaries spent time with the families.

I was disappointed when Fox News continued its inane chatter during the prayer and the Battle Hymn of the Republic. I switched to C-Span to catch the end of the prayer and all the rest of the religious aspects of the ceremony. C-Span will be doing reruns of the ceremony throughout the day. I recommend that if you missed it to tune in.


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YouTube Video: Bob Dole on why he supports Donald Trump

Visionary Preachers from the 70’s & 80’s, where have they gone?

When I was saved in 1972, there were numerous big-name preachers, who wielded strong influence in and outside the Church with the Word of God. These were men of vision; who put into action their vision throughout the 70’s and 80’s.

Billy Graham was still in his heyday and holding his city-wide crusades and counseling Presidents. Multitudes were making decisions for Christ in large stadiums and countless others responding in their living rooms to Billy’s invitation for sinners to come, “Just as I am.”

Oral Roberts’ television program was popular and he was promoting healing and seed faith over television. OR University had been established and was growing. Roberts was breaking with classical Pentecostalism and to become a leader of the Charismatic Movement. He was determined to unite divine healing with the Medical Arts by establishing a hospital.

Jerry Falwell was promoting the Moral Majority and politically activating fundamentalists, who had traditionally removed themselves from politics. Republican presidential candidates were seeking the support of Falwell. Without Falwell, there may not have been a President Reagan. Falwell’s influence was to follow through his son, who was instrumental in the election of President Trump.

Robert Schuller pastored Garden Grove Community Church, which was founded in an outside drive-in theater; he was the successor to the legacy of Norman Vincent Peale. Schuller’s “Hour of Power” TV program introduced the witness of Christian celebrities to the masses.

Chuck Smith, generally known as the father of the Jesus Movement, was baptizing new believers in the Pacific Ocean. Soon Calvary Chapel Churches were being established in cities nationally and internationally. Those affected by the Jesus Movement took Christ into the streets.

Pat Robertson, Jim and Tammy Bakker and Paul and Jan Crouch were establishing Christian TV networks and hosting Christian Talk Shows and introducing Christian groups and singers on a world-wide stage. Robertson became politically influential enough to make a serious run for the presidency in 1988; he also established Regent University.

Bill Bright’s Campus Crusade for Christ was the leading voice of Christianity on college campuses. Meanwhile, Holy Hubert Lindsey’s open-air preaching at Berkeley was usually gathering larger audiences than the leftist anti-war radicals of the era. Other voices would follow Holy Hubert and confront sin on university campus and in the streets.

Kenneth Hagin from Tulsa, Ok, and his disciples were broadcasting a message of faith for healing and prosperity.

Jimmy Swaggart out of Baton Rouge, LA, at the time of his fall may have surpassed all the others on this list in national and world-wide influence. Considering his singing and piano playing and preaching abilities, he may have also been the most talented preacher of his time. Had not he fallen, he could have become was of the most influential preachers in the history of the Church.

There were other famous and popular preachers of that era, which need to be acknowledged.

My question is who and where are the preachers today with a vision, who are having the impact that these men had?

Strange Pick by God


Samson was called by God to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines. Samson had a lust for wicked, heathen women. He went into a whore in the city of Gaza. Evidently, betrayed by the harlot, the authorities found out he was in the city. So, they locked the city gates and determined to kill Samson in the morning.

But, “Samson lay till midnight, and arose at midnight, and took the doors of the gate of the city, and the two posts, and went away with them, bar and all, and put them on his shoulders, and carried them up to the top of an hill that is before Hebron.”

He carried these weighty gates for twenty miles evidently in sight of both high cities. His exploit was a symbol of Christ’s resurrection, of whom Samson was a type, who being buried in a sepulchre, and sealed and watched by soldiers, broke through the bars of death and the grave, and carried off the doors in triumph; and ascended to heaven, whereby he declared himself to be the Son of God with power. When you think about it, Samson was an extraordinary choice to be one of the premier Old Testament types of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Samson was an aggressive and militant man of faith, who hoped to inspire his people by carrying the doors of the of Gaza gate in their sight for twenty miles but they just became more fearful of the Philistines and hid themselves instead of fighting for their inheritance.

Jesus said, “The gates of Hell shall not prevail against my Church.”

Regrettably, finding men of faith to believe Jesus’ prophesy in each generation is a challenge. Christians have too much of a fortress mentality, believing themselves to be safe as long as they stay within the gates of the Church, instead of taking the offensive and bringing Christ into the Public Square as President Trump has done. The Church should be storming the gates of Hell by taking Christ to the streets, instead of allowing Satan to attack the doors of the Church.

As a result of President Trump’s apparent weakness for loose women and prostitutes in the past, the Democrats hoped they would be able to entrap and slay the Presidency of Donald Trump, whom God has raised to deliver American from the hands of the economic and cultural Marxist (Philistines). But Trump broke through their iron gates and once again has triumphant over his enemies and their many ploys.

Trump is more outspoken and speaking of his faith than many ministers. He does not allow his past sins to make him cowardly and cow tow to his enemies as too many who name the name of Christ do.

Trump, America’s Samson, will prevail against the enemies of God, who are attempting to break up the foundations of our Republic. Just as Samson prevailed in the end over the Philistines and killed more in his death than he did in his life. Trump will be avenged against his foes and bring down the house of the Democrats.

Samson was a strange pick by God, who never seemed to lose his faith in Samson to perform his calling despite his moral failures. Trump seems to also be an odd pick to MAGA by reestablishing Kingdom of God principles in our civic and economic affairs. With the help of an awakened Church supporting the President, America can still see its best days ahead. Donald J. Trump is an extraordinary choice to make America once again a bastion of Christianity and the herald of the freedom that follows Christ.


Don’t Envy Zuckerburg

Please tell me what I am missing. I don’t get this congressional inquisition of Mr. Zuckerberg. His company is great success story. A number of the Congressmen had a condescending attitude in questioning Mr. Z. Are these legislators envious of the success of this 33-year-old businessman?

The old-line media of newspapers and television seem sympathetic to the apparent attempt to rein in FaceBook. Is that because more people are getting their news and commentary from FB then newspapers and television? Let Mr. Z get back to work; he must be a busy man.

If anyone does not like FB, then don’t use FB. I have no complaints. Any information that you don’t want the public to know don’t put on FB. I have been able to raise money for the ministry through FB. My wife has promoted her business on FB at little or no cost. I can better keep up with family and friends through FB.

As much as I love and enjoy Diamond and Silk, if Mr. Z. does not want their brand on his network, why should be required to give them an outlet?

For 48 hours I was once put in FB jail, I am not sure why. Other than this one time, I have never been censored by FB and I regularly speak out on political, social and religious matters from a point of view which is evidently opposed to Mr. Z’s views.

I doubt if Trump would have been elected without FB; he used the social media much more effectively than that woman.