Christine Ford?

The media would have us to believe the whole nation was “riveted” on the Judge K hearings yesterday. Cindy mentioned the name Christine Ford several times in her opening message, which gathered up to 100 students and a number of students asked, “Who’s that?” None of them had a clue. These are college students who supposedly vote. How informed is their vote?

Actually, whatever campus we go to students are riveted on our message of repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; the fiasco yesterday in the Capitol was comparatively boring to face to face confrontation with the law and the gospel.

We are focused on what is happening today, not 35 years ago. There are drunken lusty males jumping on top of half-naked whorish drunken females every weekend. These days it may more likely be the “ho’s” on top of the “whoremongers,” or even worse with girls on top of girls and boys on top of boys.

Why should we expect them to be paying any attention to the Judge K hearings?

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