Don’t Envy Zuckerburg

Please tell me what I am missing. I don’t get this congressional inquisition of Mr. Zuckerberg. His company is great success story. A number of the Congressmen had a condescending attitude in questioning Mr. Z. Are these legislators envious of the success of this 33-year-old businessman?

The old-line media of newspapers and television seem sympathetic to the apparent attempt to rein in FaceBook. Is that because more people are getting their news and commentary from FB then newspapers and television? Let Mr. Z get back to work; he must be a busy man.

If anyone does not like FB, then don’t use FB. I have no complaints. Any information that you don’t want the public to know don’t put on FB. I have been able to raise money for the ministry through FB. My wife has promoted her business on FB at little or no cost. I can better keep up with family and friends through FB.

As much as I love and enjoy Diamond and Silk, if Mr. Z. does not want their brand on his network, why should be required to give them an outlet?

For 48 hours I was once put in FB jail, I am not sure why. Other than this one time, I have never been censored by FB and I regularly speak out on political, social and religious matters from a point of view which is evidently opposed to Mr. Z’s views.

I doubt if Trump would have been elected without FB; he used the social media much more effectively than that woman.


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