Time to Return to the Spoils System

For decades we have heard politicians campaigning for terms limits for Congressmen. If they get elected, their ardor for terms limits usually cools. Perhaps its time for have term limits for government bureaucrats, the deep state or as it has become known since Trump’s rise “the swamp,” which has become a permanent government.

Andrew Jackson deserves most of the credit for what became known as “the spoils system.” “To the victor belongs the spoils.” Jackson is one of Trump’s favorite president. He is my favorite Democrat president. The spoils system was a reform movement under Jackson. Instead, of a limiting a certain number of years for bureaucrats, a new administration ought to be able to fire the entrenched officials and bring in his own men.

Harpies from Hades

The hags from Hades have ascended upon the Capitol to harass good Republican men. Fight on, heroic President Trump and drive the viragoes back into the abyss, as you did with Queen Hillary. We can’t let these Harpies and Furies destroy our homes, ruin our wives and debase our country.