Don’t Envy Zuckerburg

Please tell me what I am missing. I don’t get this congressional inquisition of Mr. Zuckerberg. His company is great success story. A number of the Congressmen had a condescending attitude in questioning Mr. Z. Are these legislators envious of the success of this 33-year-old businessman?

The old-line media of newspapers and television seem sympathetic to the apparent attempt to rein in FaceBook. Is that because more people are getting their news and commentary from FB then newspapers and television? Let Mr. Z get back to work; he must be a busy man.

If anyone does not like FB, then don’t use FB. I have no complaints. Any information that you don’t want the public to know don’t put on FB. I have been able to raise money for the ministry through FB. My wife has promoted her business on FB at little or no cost. I can better keep up with family and friends through FB.

As much as I love and enjoy Diamond and Silk, if Mr. Z. does not want their brand on his network, why should be required to give them an outlet?

For 48 hours I was once put in FB jail, I am not sure why. Other than this one time, I have never been censored by FB and I regularly speak out on political, social and religious matters from a point of view which is evidently opposed to Mr. Z’s views.

I doubt if Trump would have been elected without FB; he used the social media much more effectively than that woman.


The Beat Goes On

tumblr_npqg80xSUo1u3hl3zo1_1280.gifAssad evidently killed his own people, “innocent” men, women, and children. I suppose by innocent is meant “non-combatants” in the Syrian Civil War.

There are atrocities going on all over the world. I am not particularly impressed when there are appeals to the suffering of children. Suffering has generally been the state of mankind throughout history, including for children.

Remember under the Clinton administration, Attorney Janet Reno, during the Waco siege, ordered the firing of his/her own people, men, women and children.

The Branch Davidians were accused of “stockpiling illegal weapons.” At least the children, if not the others, were innocent. Seventy-six men, women and children were burned alive. It was a terrible thing to watch!

As for the banning of “chemical weapons’ by “civilized nations,” during the Bush years, we heard the term new term, “weapons of mass destruction.” Domestically, there has been talk of outlawing “assault” rifles for decades. Now in London they are prohibiting knives. All of these weapons, including the hydrogen bomb, can cause terrible death and mass destruction.

Weapons are arms, whether they be guns, knives, chemicals, bombs or even missiles. Warfare and death are horrible. Alas, warfare is often necessary. “There will be wars and rumors of wars.”

Keep It Simple

A Calvinist engaged me in a long conversation concerning justification. To him the great heresy is attaching anything that resembles works to salvation. I am weary with arguing the finer points of theology, while souls are perishing. We need to keep the gospel simple.

Nor should we be afraid of works. The works that Paul objected to was not good morals or baptism but seeking salvation through the rites and rituals of Judaism. How many people when they get saved really understand the theology of the gospel or the doctrine of justification? People, who get saved, born again, converted, become Christians (however one wants to describe the experience), realize they are in need of a Savior. They are desperate for the mercy of God. We should urge sinners to throw themselves at the foot of the Cross and cry out for God’s forgiveness.

I have written a book on the theology of Jesus’ atonement; however, men are not usually saved by understanding correct theology or doctrine. In addition to forgiveness, the promise of eternal life is also an incentive for men bowing before the Cross with a confidence that Jesus conquered death in his resurrection.

Many people who testify that when they were saved, they cannot even remember what the preacher said. Some get saved merely because they see Jesus or Light radiating from the one who is preaching or witnessing. They see a ray of hope through the bewilderment and desperation which has them overcome.

Ministers can become Pharisaical in insisting that the message be presented in a certain manner and thus they remove themselves from the simplicity of the gospel. Others shy away from sharing the way of salvation because they can not expound on deep theological truths.

There is also a great depth in the gospel that Christians in their pursuit of Truth should come to appreciate but not at the expense of the simple Truth that the death and resurrection of Christ makes possible the penitent sinner’s salvation from sin and its terrible consequences. Arminians can be as guilty as Calvinists of elevating complex theology and doctrine over the simple fact that Jesus Saves.

I finally walked away from the Calvinist and his concerns to preach the law, which brings conviction of sin and God’s grace which gives us hope.


Attend a Local Church


The Church universal and local deserves more respect than it gets on my news feed. Most of the criticism seems to come from Christians, who operate outside and independently of any local church. With all the churches in America, I can’t help but wonder if the problem is more with the critic than the Church.

If a man cannot find a suitable church within driving distance of his home, the real problem may be that he is unwilling to support the church with his time and finances. Should not our concern be more for what we can contribute to the church than what the church has to offer to us? The more spiritual we become, the more supportive we should be to a local congregation.

Paul could be critical of the church in his letters; however, these were usually churches he founded, which gave him the apostolic authority to correct. Certainly, he did not withdraw himself in his disapproval, even though he opened himself up to less appreciation. Paul’s reproofs and exhortations were expressed in the context of a deep care and concern for the churches.

There are many who seem to think that they speak with apostolic authority without really carrying the credentials of an apostle. Often times having no experience in church leadership, they are limited to pontificating from their computers.

One problem may be that censors expect too much out of a local church, especially the pastor because he may not be preaching what the fault-finder considers is the correct Gospel.

I have spoken in hundreds of churches in my years of ministry and I am friendly with scores of pastors, often having stayed in their homes. The vast majority of them I have found to be dedicated men of God.

People have an obligation to study the Bible on their own. The pastor should not have to spoon feed his people. Jeremiah condemned certain pastors, but Jeremiah had unquestionable credentials of a prophet; whereas, many are trying to act like prophets without the prophetic anointing.

I had a lot more sympathy for the churches and their problems after I served as a pastor of a church for about 15 years. I founded the church on the principles of the moral government of God, the doctrine of holiness and encouraged a bold public witness. We had dedicated members but we also had the same problems and sins that were in the established churches, which I initially thought were not getting the job done or were as doctrinally sound as I thought that they should be.

Roseanne Show and Trump


I just finished watching the Roseanne Show. I was not impressed. The  daughter and granddaughter have moved in with Roseanne and husband; the granddaughter is a 15-year-old disrespectful hellion. Roseanne does put her in her place.

There was no mention of Trump or politics in general. If the show is going to continue with high ratings, it will have to incorporate more of the Trump theme. The late-night comedians realize the power of negatively invoking the name of Trump to increase ratings. There is even more power in naming the name of Trump in a positive way, especially among working class people, which Roseanne is evidently targeting.

I never watched Roseanne’s first round as the protagonist in her first sitcom. Nor did I ever see her talk show. The only thing I remember was her off-key rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner at a baseball game. He performance was especially disgraceful because she grabbed her crotch and spit after singing the sacred anthem. I remember Bush I was offended at her performance.


Teacher Walkout!


This teacher walkout is unprofessional behavior and a bad example to students. The teachers are complaining that their walkout is for the benefit of students, who have to suffer from broken chairs and duct taped text books. Why not have the shop teachers take the chairs and have their student do the repairs? I have used Bibles for years that are duct taped. Some of my favorite theological books are duct taped. Why not just put the text books on computer?

This strike in not about students; it is all about the overpaid teachers. Teachers in general are paid better than teachers when I was in school, who never would have considered going on strike. These people need to be thankful they have a job. They should be fired or go back to the classroom.

Teachers claim that revenue is lower because of the repeal of taxes on hotel and motel stays. A lot of these stays are by people out of state, like myself. Why should we with our money support Oklahoma schools? These teachers also want to restore the capital gains tax cuts. They want the legislature to pass a bill to bring in more revenue from gambling. Promoting gambling is a bad example for students, which again demonstrates that teachers don’t really care about students.
Schools should be supported by local taxes, not state revenue.

Actually, I would be in favor of shutting down all the public schools. Most of what teachers are doing is turning out a bunch of mush headed socialists.

Sis. Cindy’s Review of Apostle Paul Movie


I have seen the Apostle Paul movie twice and highly recommend it. The timeline is the end of Paul’s life so it involves a lot of conjecture because the Bible does not give us the circumstances of Saint Paul’s demise.

With that said, the movie presents a believable narrative including many Biblical quotes and truths and an accurate historical context.

Movie themes:

1) Jesus Christ will change a man’s life

2) We are called to suffer for Christ’s sake

3) It can be difficult to love in the midst of senseless intentional evil

4) Love will overcome evil!

The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is a central fact of the movie and declared at least three times!

Unlike the beloved Book of Acts, the movie is slow moving and reflective. Expect to spend a lot of time in a Roman jail cell…in the end, it’s worth it!

Paul the Apostle Movie


Tonight, Cindy and I watched the film, Paul the Apostle, which reveals the suffering of the Christians in Rome under Nero thrown to the lions and used as human torches.

I am thankful that I live under Trump, not Nero. Yet, there are those who would compare Trump to the likes of the Roman tyrant. Americans have no idea of tyranny, nor do American Christians suffer anything compared to the persecutions of the foundational church.

We should be thankful that the Christians “by the power of Jesus resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death,” eventually got the upper hand, when Constantine the Great finally ended the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire with the Edict of Milan in 325 A.D. By the end of the Forth Century Christianity was the official religion of the Empire.

In America we Christians are able to practice and preach our religion in relative peace. Under the Roman Empire pacifism was the only realistic way to conquer the Empire. We live in a country which has a Christian heritage and Christians still have a considerable amount of authority.

The Evangelical Church had enough political clout to elect a Trump, who is willing to speak out for Christ and Christian causes. Pacifism should not be a consideration for us; we need to stay armed to protect and maintain our rights and position. We should be militant and aggressive in standing up for Biblical principles governing our precious institutions.

“Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth at it is in Heaven.”

Resurrection Message


Yesterday, Christendom celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord. But do we really believe that, “He is Risen?”

The pastor of McFarlin UMC encouraged the faithful to go forth and tell someone this week of his Resurrection. Are you planning on reminding anyone this day?

On a cold and cloudy Monday, Brother Jed and Co. will be shining the heat of the Risen Light of the world in the open air at the University of Oklahoma.

If your grandpa died and was buried this past Friday and suddenly rose out of the coffin as you were mourning his passing, would not you have been shouting? Wouldn’t you still be telling everyone today? “Grandpa was dead in his coffin and suddenly rose up to greet us.” You would be proclaiming what happened for the rest of your life.

I fear that today the church will fall back on its normal daily silence concerning Jesus’ Resurrection. If you are not going to tell others, please send your support to The Campus Ministry USA, because we are proclaiming daily the good news even among those who do not want to hear it.

Yesterday, Christendom proclaimed the news among those who believe; we are shouting it from the housetop to those who refuse to believe. We need your help and support.

The Last Supper

29352478_10156221962823917_9046529145148701383_oToday is Holy Thursday when the Church celebrates the Jesus Last Supper with his disciples. When Christians celebrate communion, Jesus taught us to eat of the bread and drink of the cup in remembrance of him.

Roman Catholics and Protestants divide over the issue of the Lord’s Supper. Catholics hold to the doctrine of transubstantiation and Protests consider Communion as symbolic. In the disagreement, I fear both groups miss a crucial point.

Jesus said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, you have no life in you (John 6:53). This verse is often associated with the Lord’s Supper. To eat of his flesh and drink of his blood means we are to partake of his sufferings by boldly standing for Truth and Righteousness, when we do so persecution will come our way. We will come to know him in the fellowship of his suffering.

The ceremonial supper represents our willingness to actually partake of his suffering. Unless, we are entering into his passion, we are not completing his work.

The concept of Christian sacrifice is not essentially ritual or liturgical, but it is practical and ethical. We may eat the Lord’s Supper and yet not eat and drink Christ’s body and blood; we may eat and drink Christ’s body and blood and yet not eat the Lord’s Supper.

During Holy Week let us boldly stand for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ without the gates of our sanctuary buildings.