African Missionaries to America

by Sis. Cindy

Centuries ago Methodist missionaries took the Gospel to Africans who had never heard of Jesus! Feb. 23rd 2019, the African United Methodists led by Dr Jerry P. Kulah, came to St Louis to declare the Gospel to us, and save the United Methodist Church from apostasy!

Read Dr. Kulah’s powerful speech and rebuke of the self-righteous American UMC church elite who thought that the Africans could be bought off!!

He that sits in the heavens laughed!! Ps 2:4

Well done, our African friends and thank you!!!

African United Methodists Won’t Trade Bible for Dollars

People Love Trump Results

by Sis. Cindy

The FACT is that unemployment is the lowest it has ever been for African-Americans and Hispanics!! But I still was surprised by this statement by my mother’s nurse (who is Black and in a predominantly African-American county) two weeks ago: “I am not political but Trump has helped more people get back to work. My aunt and I were talking about this yesterday. And we agreed there are more jobs! And we do need that wall!”

Just saying…just continuing to celebrate Presidents Day…turning it into a week long thing!! Love you Mr. President!!!


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Fake News

by Sis. Cindy

I am a trained journalist! I chose to go to the University of Florida because they had the best journalism school in the south.

My passion was working as a news reporter for the Independent Florida Alligator, the student paper that actually paid us minimum wage. I would have done it for free!!

My news class was taught by a crusty old guy retired from Associated Press. He bragged about being a “leg man” and had a major crush on Sophia Loren but when it came to news reporting he had high standards!

One day he pretended to be the University President and gave a speech for our class. Our assignment was to listen carefully and pick the lead story (most newsworthy) from the speech. It was a scary assignment because 1) It would not be the main topic of the speech. 2) There was only ONE right answer and we would either make an A or an F.

Back then, journalism schools taught professional standards! I could not have argued with my prof as to what was most newsworthy in my opinion. We there to learn how to be objective professionals. Our opinions were for the editorial pages ONLY!

Today’s journalists have never taken a news course. They are wannabe actors with their personal agendas. They are masters at twisting, distorting and fabricating their own realities.

This is especially true when it comes to our beloved President Trump. They have thrown out all journalistic standards and then they want to whine, “Trump is not presidential!” Thank God he’s not! Thank God for a president who puts the fake news in its place!! Still celebrating President’s Day!


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First Lady Parties at Smocks

by Sis. Cindy

When each of our five daughters turned 13 we threw a First Lady party for them. Friends and family received an snail mail invitation to “The White House.” The instructions were to come dressed as a First Lady or President (males). Each was to present a 1 minute speech telling us about the one she/he was dressed like. I cooked foods that former Presidents liked. We played games and had a grand old time!

We started this tradition with our eldest, Evangeline, who played Helen Taft, and it was a much anticipated event as each of our five turned 13. Charlotte Vatandoust was Abigail Adams but none of us remember who Justina Adams portrayed! Charlotte remembers that Justina was Lady Bird Johnson!!

Pictured are Martha, (4th) who played Julia Tyler and Priscilla (5th) who was Helen Taft at their parties. Martha wore my wedding dress because Julia Tyler was married in the White House! Mom and Dad always played the Grants and Aunt Donna was at every party as Rosalynn Carter.

I have lots of pictures of each five events and even videos, but all this was done before the digital age and I’m in Arizona far away from the family albums.

When our 1st granddaughter, Iris was born, I said, “Thirteen more years until her First Lady party!!” Iris will make a lovely Melania in three more years…if that’s her choice…Happy Presidents Day!!


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The Church Ever Shall Prevail

Paul in listing the persecutions and trials of his mission concluded, “Besides those things that are without, that which cometh upon me daily the care of all the churches.”—2 Cor 11:28. These included churches which he had founded. Yet, even to those churches, he had to constantly defend his apostleship.

If there was anyone who had a right to reject the churches, it was Paul. However, he demonstrated a steadfast love for these assemblies. Even reminding the Corinthians, “I will very gladly spend and be spent for you: though the more abundantly I love you, the less I be loved.”—2 Cor 12:15.

In our times, Christians tend to think of the early church as being a power house and the example or pattern for contemporary churches. Yet, Paul had to address the sin issue with virtually all the churches, including sexual sins and even perversions. The church at Corinth was especially weak and Paul was concerned that when he visited, he would find “envyings, wrath, strife, backbitings, whisperings, swellings and tumults.”—2 Cor 12:20.

It would have been easy for Paul just to have written them off. Instead, he was extremely patient with their failings.

Among the seven churches which the Apostle John founded in Asia Minor, there was also much sin and bad doctrine and false teachers. John wrote calling them to repentance but not without complementing them when he could. He concluded his letter to each church with an appeal “to hold fast and to listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches.” Each church is promised that everyone who overcomes will be rewarded by Christ.

A case could be made that the church is stronger than it was in the time of the Apostles. Yet, it is constantly being criticized by those who have essentially withdrawn from weekly gatherings of God’s people because the church is not living up to the perfection to which God called her.

Let us all encourage the church (ourselves) all the more as we see the Day approaching. It is easy to be critical from without but it is difficult to challenge and build from within. Let us root for the church that the truth would win out in her. We are to be bringing God’s people together, not tearing them apart or withdrawing from them, because they are not living up to our standards.


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Victory or Death

Victory or Death,” concluded William Travis. Travis, Bowie and Crockett and the other defenders of the Alamo achieved victory through death. The battle cry “Remember the Alamo” secured Texas independence. I have visited the Alamo a number of times over the years. I am always deeply moved by the experience. Daily while in Texas, I asked the students, “Where is the spirit of Travis, Bowie and Crockett? What has happened to the American spirit?” I was answered with silence.

The socialists are more concerned with personal security and dependence than they are with patriotism and freedom. We used to say the socialists want security from the womb to the tomb. Sadly, the womb is one of the most insecure plays for a child to be today. I fear even in Texas, they have largely lost the spirit of the Alamo.

The President is coming to El Paso for a rally Monday night. Pray that this honorable man will revive the spirit of the Alamo. An unarmed invasion is threatening our country.

Travis wrote, “I will never surrender of retreat.”

President Trump repeated what he vowed in his Inaugural Address at the National Prayer Breakfast the other day, “I will never let you down; never!”

“Build that wall,” Mr. President.”

We have your back, fellow compatriot.


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Remember How Mexico Lost Texas

Present Trump alluded to William Travis, Jim Bowie, and Davy Crockett in his rally in El Paso. Two days prior, I wrote a short article on these Texas heroes on my Face Book page.

Of these three daring defenders of the Alamo, only Bowie was actually a Mexico citizen, becoming one in 1830. Mexico had a liberal immigration policy, when Texas was still a part of Mexico. Plus, there were many settling in Texas, who were there illegally. These Texan settlers did not assimilate well into the Mexican culture. They were not speaking Spanish; they were not becoming Catholics; they were not accepting Mexican traditions.

When Santa Anna established himself as a dictator in Mexico, he began to tighten up rule over Texas. Texans rebelled. After Santa Anna defeated the defenders of the Alamo, Sam Houston stopped the dictator at the Battle of San Jacinto and he granted Texas its independence. By the time Santa Anna tried to strengthen Mexican rule in Texas, it was too late.

Americans need to recognize the crisis at our southern border, especially in Texas, as illegals are invading our land, who often do not assimilate well into the American way of life of independence. President Trump is sounding the alarm. On the other hand, the Democrats promote open borders, which are a threat to our Republic. With our ridiculous immigration laws, we are making the same mistake as Mexico did in the 19th Century. We could lose our country.

We must not allow Travis, Bowie, Crockett and the other heroic defenders of the Alamo to have died in vain. Donald Trump has the spirit of these defenders and the spirit of Sam Houston to drive back the invasion of our beloved country.

The walls of the Alamo were 9 to 12 feet high and close to three feet wide. In the third siege of the Alamo the Mexican army scaled the walls, which in effect gave the Mexicans the victory which resulted in the slaughter of the brave defenders. Once Trump gets the wall built, it will have to be maintained and defended, which includes never allowing the internationalists socialists i.e. the Democrat party to ever take power again.

“Remember the Alamo!” Build that wall, Mr. President.


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Heroes Past and Present

President Trump praised Travis, Bowie and Crockett, the defenders of the Alamo, at his rally in El Paso. Trump has a sense of the heroic, which is an important aspect of MAGA.

Unfortunately, our contemporary heroes have become creatures of make believe like the “superheroes” Superman, Batman and Spider-man, or rappers and rockers or movie starts portraying the heroic like John Wayne. Still other are sports heroes.

The last heroic president was Theodore Roosevelt, who led his Rough Riders up San Juan Hill in 1898.

The Captains of Industry such as Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, and Carnegie were heroic figures, who took risks in the business world and succeeded beyond men’s imagination. Unfortunately, their reputation has been distorted by those of the socialist mentality, which label them as robber barons, which in a sense adds to their mystic. Inventors were greatly admired in the 19th Century, Fulton, Whitney, and Bell come to mind.

I am a historian by training. One of my heroes in this field is the 19th Century historian of the Oregon Trail, Francis Parkman. I have in my library the complete works of Parkman, who is known for his multi-volume, “France and England in North America.” Parkman, who was virtually blind, lived on the frontier when doing his research.

One of the most heroic preachers in American history was Francis Asbury, the Prophet of the Long Road, who is the father of American Methodism. Our own Ruben Israel is one the most heroic preachers of our time, who constantly faces down danger. His exploits have become legendary. He is also a patriot.

My two main heroes of our time are Rush Limbaugh and Donald J. Trump. I especially admire these men for their communication skills. Rush is on the level of Benjamin Franklin as a great patriot. I have written enough about Donald Trump’s heroics. The one thing lacking in his status as a hero is a military record.

A man’s heroes tell me much about the man. One of Trump’s heroes is Andrew Jackson, Indian fighter and hero of the Battle of New Orleans.

For America to be great again it only requires a relatively few great men, who are dedicated to the cause. Forget the superheroes, sports figures, rappers, rockers and movie stars, although the movie stars can do much to revive truly heroic figures like John Wayne and Fess Parker did for Davy Crockett.

Who are your heroes of the past and the present? We know there are many heroes, who do not get the recognition they deserve and some who get more than they deserve. As for me, I love the stuff of legend whether it is always true about the men or not. Sometimes the legends tell us more about the man than the actual facts.

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Why is Joel Osteen Despised?

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Brother Frank and I arrived at Lakewood about 10 AM for the 11 AM service on January 20, 2019. What a blessing it was to see thousands of Christians in downtown Houston coming to church on Sunday morning. We introduced ourselves at the information booth and we were immediately given VIP treatment by the lady who serves as Director of Missions. She encouraged us to get into Pastor Joel’s reception line as the 8:30 service was just dismissing.

I told Joel that I visited the old church with Holy Hubert Lindsey back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I forgot to mention Norval Hayes. Joel remembered Holy Hubert. He greeted everyone warmly and demonstrated a sincere interest in his visitors. Pastors were standing by to pray for any requests as there wasn’t time for Joel to do so. A pastor prayed for our Texas mission to the campuses.

Brother Frank agreed with me that we should take advantage of everything the church had to offer. Therefore, we attended the Communion service and one of the associate pastors gave a short message urging believers to not be content to be ordinary but to move in the supernatural as the disciples did when they passed the loaves and fishes which Jesus had blessed to the multitude.

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The director of missions personally escorted us to the third row, which was included in the roped off section at the front of the church. We sat two rows behind Pastor Joel. The congregation entered into a dynamic time of worship. Anyone was invited forward for prayer, Brother Frank and I accepted the offer at the altar, which took about 10 minutes of the service. A sister prayed an anointed prayer over me.

Joel’s sister took up the offering with no attempt at pressure to give. Joel’s brother, Paul, gave an exhortation about winning soul’s and especially believing God for the salvation of our family members. A man, who grew up in the church but fell into deep sin, gave his testimony of returning to the Lord. Paul introduced an old couple who were the first youth pastors of the church back when Lakewood got started 60 years ago.

Joel preached one of the best messages I have heard him preach. His theme was that God wanted to demonstrate in a miraculous way to the unbelieving world that God’s grace was upon us all. God will give ordinary people the power to do the extraordinary in public for everyone to see.

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Joel illustrated his point with the story of David and Goliath, the three young Hebrews thrown in the fiery furnace and Elijah calling fire down from heaven. Each miracle put fear in the hearts of unbelievers. David was treated with respect by his family members after killing the giant. Seeing the Hebrews saved from the fire, Nebuchadnezzar lifted the youths out of the pit and promoted them to high office, decreeing that anyone who spoke against their god should be torn limb from limb. The fire from heaven which Elijah called down even consumed the rocks. Then the people cried out, “The LORD, he is the God; the LORD, he is the God.”

Joel knows how to tell these Old Testament stories in a lively manner and teaches how the lessons may be applied to our everyday lives. Joel also gave two New Testament examples supporting his thesis. Anyone who claims that Joel doesn’t preach the Bible does not know what he is talking about.

Joel never misses a beat when he preaches, no hem hawing around in the pulpit. After the sermon, he gave an at five-minute altar call for repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus. Dozens in our section stood as Joel led them in a sinner’s prayer.

Brother Frank and I went to the book store. Meanwhile, another long line formed in the lobby to meet our good pastor. We left the building at 1:15, Joel was still greeting guests. Afterward, his practice is to go to the editing room to edit his message for television. There was a Spanish speaking service at 2 PM and a youth service at night. There is a lot going on at Lakewood beside what people see on TV.

There was ethnic, racial and, I assume, economic diversity in the congregation. No big deal is ever made of this. It is natural, (or maybe I should say spiritual) to people discipled by Brother Osteen. We experienced a considerable amount of friendliness. It was an lovely time of worship and teaching and fellowship.

Why Joel has so many critics can only be attributed to ignorance, immaturity or, I fear, envy. Hopefully, not much of the latter, among those who name the name of Christ. Joel is like Trump in that he is either loved or hated.

What is perplexing is that he is despised by so many Christians. Most of whom have probably never heard one of his sermons but have judged him by sound bites cherry picked by his foes, usually not even from his sermons but television interviews where Joel usually does not speak at forthrightly as he does from his pulpit. Joel has his reasons, for this I am sure, for he is a smart man, far shrewder than the ones interviewing him or criticizing him.

The above is just some of the highlights of our morning, every minute of the three hours we spent at the church was blessed. Lakewood’s challenge in the new years is to take “new ground.”

So, watch out! You have not seen anything yet from “America’s Pastor,” who is reaching the world out of Houston, TX. He plays a big role in MAGA.

By the way, President Trump likes Joel Osteen. They both think big! What else would you expect from a Texan? Or for that matter, according to Joel, what else would you expect from any committed Christian with faith the size of a mustard seed.

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Gideon’s 300

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As the 300 listened to the Bible Study at Lakewood Church on financial freedom, I was reminded of Gideon’s 300.

The Midianites had been terrorizing Israel for seven years with an army of 135,000. Gideon only had 32,000 men but that was way too many for God. God continually had Gideon cut his army until he only had 300 warriors who lapped, putting their hand to the mouth when drinking from the river. The ones who lapped were always battle ready as opposed to those who stuck their faces in the water.

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I observe Joel closely; he runs a tight ship and watches with an eagle’s eye over his congregation of 52,000 thousand. Those who came to the Bible study were drinking of the water of life from the Bible but they are also people who pray and watch. We must have both to defeat the Midianites of our time.

Gideon’s 300 advanced against the enemy with merely trumpets, pitchers and lamps. But they advanced in faith, not in numbers, but faith in their LORD and their captain, Gideon. When they shouted, “The sword of the Lord and Gideon,” the Midianites fled in fear and started fighting one another.

In the case of the Lakewood’s 300 the cry is, “The Word of the Lord and Joel.” Watch the church possess “new ground” in 2019 with this battle cry.

My thoughts were confirmed by the prostitute giving me the note about another Judge and Deliverer, Ehud.

Joel is God’s man in Texas to MAGA. Joel’s not sitting around waiting to be raptured, nor is he a keyboard warrior criticizing others who do the work of the Lord differently. Daily he faces the enemy appearing to be as harmless as a dove to his detractors, but in reality, he is as wise as a serpent. Men who look upon the outward appearance see only the dove, but God and men who look at the heart see Joel as wise warrior.

A Joel detractor on one of my threads asked me what am I trying to prove in my writings on Joel. I am attempting to get men to see Joel as God sees him, a man whom God is using to revive his generation by giving them a vision to accomplish great exploits for God. Those lapping the water understand. The critics who bow down their knees as they drink fail to recognize Joel as a comrade at arms, who is doing the Lord’s work.

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