Sartorial Splendor

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One of my goals is to be an example of sartorial splendor. After all, Joseph is known for his coat of many colors and Jesus wore a fine seamless robe expensive enough for the Roman soldiers to gamble over at his crucifixion. Yet, he is usually portrayed in our day clothed as a peasant.


My typical attire on campus is a suit and tie. After all I am an ambassador for the King of kings. I represent the kingdom of God. Should I not dress appropriately for my station, calling and office?

When I was young it was considered unprofessional for a teacher or preacher to not wear a coat and tie. I rarely saw my father without a white shirt and tie on a week day. He was known the best dressed man on the college faculty. Even when I started in the ministry in the early 70’s, I knew old school ministers who would not preach in their shirt-sleeves.

I work on manifesting a traditional style with at times a flamboyant flair in order to set me apart from others. I wore suspenders before Larry King popularized them again. For the last several years I have been working on bringing hats (not baseball caps) back in style.

Sister Cindy admits that it was the three-piece suits, which I typically wore in the 70’ that originally attracted her to me. I was so well-known for my three-piece suits that the student newspapers would refer to me at ‘the man in the three-piece suit’ even on days when I only wore a two-piece suit.

I am thinking of starting a blog on instructing men in sartorial splendor, if any of my Face Book friends are interested.

When I was young it was axiomatic to say of professional and businessmen, “Clothes make the man.” One rarely hears that saying anymore.


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Christ Triumphant



Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ, God’s Son to die on the cross for our sins? Why couldn’t our loving, merciful God just say “you are forgiven.” We forgive people all the time! Why couldn’t God? Is He some blood thirsty tyrant who needs to see blood to forgive??

A soul winner should be able to answer this question! As Christians we often take it for granted or give answers that don’t really make sense to the thinking seeker.

If I encounter a genuine skeptical seeker, I will hit him with this question, “Say for the sake of argument, Christianity is true, why did Jesus have to die for us?” I tell him the atonement of Christ is what sets our faith apart from the other; if he understands that or can answer that question he will comprehend why we insist that we have the Truth and all other religions are false.

I have written a powerful narrative that answers this vital question: Christ , The Battle of the Ages! To celebrate Easter, we are offering free PDF copies to all!! Even though it is a profound question, the book is easy enough to read to your children for Easter!!


Download Free PDF here:




The Churches One Foundation

“And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

Protestants in our zeal to discredit the claims of Roman Catholicism concerning Peter can get too tied up in the first part of the verse and miss the point that Jesus came to call out and build a mighty church, which will storm and defeat the godless institutions of the world. In our zeal to save our own soul and the souls of individuals, we lose may focus on the church as the Army of God, that is ruling and reigning with Christ.

Thu Church’s One Foundation

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Gloria Patri

“Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.”

Ephesians 3:21 concludes the first part of Paul’s teaching concerning the churches inheritance in Christ.

The Holy Trinity is glorified in the person and atoning work of our resurrected and ascended Lord Jesus Christ. His glory is manifested in his church through-out all ages. Each generation of Christians has built on the foundation of the Apostles, Prophets and Jesus Christ, the Chief Cornerstone of his Holy Temple.

Each generation has added to his glory through particular progressive revelations of his love and understanding.
The church is becoming greater and more powerful with the passing of the centuries. We might not see it, because we have a limited vision as to what the church is doing in our own locality and country. For instance, the strong faith of African Methodists recently saved the American Methodism by upholding God’s law and church tradition on one of the main moral issues of our time.

The last three chapters of Ephesians deal with practical application of knowing our position in Christ by encouraging righteous living.

Christ is going to present to himself a glorious church, sanctified and holy and without blemish.–Ephesians 5:26-27.

Jesus asked, “When the Son of Man returns will he find faith on the earth?”

Yes, he will! He is not returning for a weak and defeated church barely hanging on in a world. He is returning for a mighty church, which is ruling and reigning over the earth with Christ. We are his body on earth; he is the head of the body sitting at the right hand of the Father, where spiritually we sit with him. Can Christ be defeated? No way!

What does Paul mean by “world without end” in the light of prophetic utterances, which speak of the end times?

Gloria Patri, also known as the, the Glory Be, is a doxology, a short hymn of praise to God in various Christian liturgies. In the Methodist Church in which I grew up, it was our Sabbath benediction. The inspiration for this doxology, which goes back to the time of the Council of Nicaea, is Ephesian 3:21.


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Hank Williams, Lost or Saved?

Hank Williams died at only 29. He had a voice that sounded twice his age. Although he wrote one of the greatest gospel songs of all time, “I saw the Light,” I fear he spent most of his life in darkness. Although he faced the barren waste looking for cool clear water, he drank himself to death with whiskey. It is too bad he did not limit his drinking to the Water of Life about whom he wrote many songs. Maybe on a broken piece of the ship, he escaped to dry land of Beulah (Acts 17:44). Or perhaps he flew away to Heaven from the back seat of his Cadillac. For those like Hank, who contributed much to the gospel he did not live really live, we hope for the best.

Lost Highway

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At CPAC Trump compared the Election of 2016 to the Election of 1828. Andrew Jackson’s victory broke the line of presidents from Virginia and Massachusetts, and to many it represented the triumph of the common man. In this election, a new two-party system emerged, which historians speak of as the birth of modern politics. Some call the election of The Revolution of 1828. You have probably noticed that Trump has a portrait of Jackson hanging in the Oval Office.


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African Missionaries to America

by Sis. Cindy

Centuries ago Methodist missionaries took the Gospel to Africans who had never heard of Jesus! Feb. 23rd 2019, the African United Methodists led by Dr Jerry P. Kulah, came to St Louis to declare the Gospel to us, and save the United Methodist Church from apostasy!

Read Dr. Kulah’s powerful speech and rebuke of the self-righteous American UMC church elite who thought that the Africans could be bought off!!

He that sits in the heavens laughed!! Ps 2:4

Well done, our African friends and thank you!!!

African United Methodists Won’t Trade Bible for Dollars

People Love Trump Results

by Sis. Cindy

The FACT is that unemployment is the lowest it has ever been for African-Americans and Hispanics!! But I still was surprised by this statement by my mother’s nurse (who is Black and in a predominantly African-American county) two weeks ago: “I am not political but Trump has helped more people get back to work. My aunt and I were talking about this yesterday. And we agreed there are more jobs! And we do need that wall!”

Just saying…just continuing to celebrate Presidents Day…turning it into a week long thing!! Love you Mr. President!!!


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Fake News

by Sis. Cindy

I am a trained journalist! I chose to go to the University of Florida because they had the best journalism school in the south.

My passion was working as a news reporter for the Independent Florida Alligator, the student paper that actually paid us minimum wage. I would have done it for free!!

My news class was taught by a crusty old guy retired from Associated Press. He bragged about being a “leg man” and had a major crush on Sophia Loren but when it came to news reporting he had high standards!

One day he pretended to be the University President and gave a speech for our class. Our assignment was to listen carefully and pick the lead story (most newsworthy) from the speech. It was a scary assignment because 1) It would not be the main topic of the speech. 2) There was only ONE right answer and we would either make an A or an F.

Back then, journalism schools taught professional standards! I could not have argued with my prof as to what was most newsworthy in my opinion. We there to learn how to be objective professionals. Our opinions were for the editorial pages ONLY!

Today’s journalists have never taken a news course. They are wannabe actors with their personal agendas. They are masters at twisting, distorting and fabricating their own realities.

This is especially true when it comes to our beloved President Trump. They have thrown out all journalistic standards and then they want to whine, “Trump is not presidential!” Thank God he’s not! Thank God for a president who puts the fake news in its place!! Still celebrating President’s Day!


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First Lady Parties at Smocks

by Sis. Cindy

When each of our five daughters turned 13 we threw a First Lady party for them. Friends and family received an snail mail invitation to “The White House.” The instructions were to come dressed as a First Lady or President (males). Each was to present a 1 minute speech telling us about the one she/he was dressed like. I cooked foods that former Presidents liked. We played games and had a grand old time!

We started this tradition with our eldest, Evangeline, who played Helen Taft, and it was a much anticipated event as each of our five turned 13. Charlotte Vatandoust was Abigail Adams but none of us remember who Justina Adams portrayed! Charlotte remembers that Justina was Lady Bird Johnson!!

Pictured are Martha, (4th) who played Julia Tyler and Priscilla (5th) who was Helen Taft at their parties. Martha wore my wedding dress because Julia Tyler was married in the White House! Mom and Dad always played the Grants and Aunt Donna was at every party as Rosalynn Carter.

I have lots of pictures of each five events and even videos, but all this was done before the digital age and I’m in Arizona far away from the family albums.

When our 1st granddaughter, Iris was born, I said, “Thirteen more years until her First Lady party!!” Iris will make a lovely Melania in three more years…if that’s her choice…Happy Presidents Day!!


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