Christine Ford?

The media would have us to believe the whole nation was “riveted” on the Judge K hearings yesterday. Cindy mentioned the name Christine Ford several times in her opening message, which gathered up to 100 students and a number of students asked, “Who’s that?” None of them had a clue. These are college students who supposedly vote. How informed is their vote?

Actually, whatever campus we go to students are riveted on our message of repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; the fiasco yesterday in the Capitol was comparatively boring to face to face confrontation with the law and the gospel.

We are focused on what is happening today, not 35 years ago. There are drunken lusty males jumping on top of half-naked whorish drunken females every weekend. These days it may more likely be the “ho’s” on top of the “whoremongers,” or even worse with girls on top of girls and boys on top of boys.

Why should we expect them to be paying any attention to the Judge K hearings?


At the SOAPA conference in Cincinnati, Sister Pat (89 years old) was awarded by our esteemed leader, Ruben Israel, the SOAPA FAITHFUL LONGEVITY CAMPUS PREACHING AWARD. She is part of the team of Brother Jed & Company.

I have devoted my career to promoting women preachers. No open-air preacher had done more than I to encourage women to lift up their voices against sin.

I support all men and women, who proclaims salvation through Jesus Christ, especially in the open-air.

The men who oppose women preachers are just bound up in their tradition. I don’t mind them. They won’t stop the call of God; their obstruction is a good test for the women.

Enemies of the Truth by Sis. Cindy

These pictures from University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee yesterday are indicative of the battle we fight and it clearly exposes the hatred and desperation of the Enemies of Truth, ETs.

While we preached to the larger crowd, students gathered around 89 year old saint, Sister Pat. She was not lifting her voice but clearly shared the Gospel with those the Lord brought to her circle of 25 or so. She had the STAGE 5, Golden Crowd for over 2 hours!

The Enemies of Truth get desperate when we have a STAGE 5 Crowd so they made signs and banners and later stood between Sister Pat and the listeners. When she moved, the ETs moved. They did the same with the rest of us.

The police did nothing!!! I am sure that if the ETs were exercising their free speech rights we would not have been allowed to invade their space and harass them as they harassed us! Nor would we want to.

The good news is that there are many open hearts at UW-Milwaukee and we are returning today! Pray for souls!

Pics: 1) Sis pat in hat with stage 5 Crowd 2) ENEMIES of Truth blocking Sis Pat from students; she is on the bench behind them. 3) Two ETs blocking Sis Myrna who is having good conversations.

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False Prophets

On Face Book I would like to see a more academic approach in debating theological and doctrinal differences between Calvinists and Arminians, so-called prosperity and non-prosperity teachers and among Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox expressions of our common faith. My goodness there are so many differences between Protestant sects alone.

I prefer to reserve terms like false prophet or false teacher, heretic, doctrines of demons, etc. to what are clearly denials of cardinal doctrines of the faith, such as the virgin birth, atoning death and physical resurrection of our Lord. Surely, there were and are sincere, studious and dedicated men on all sides of the issues which divide.

Now sometimes prophet vs. prophet confrontations may become necessary. When some “prophet” confronts me publicly on campus, I may be forced to be more aggressive and militant than I usually am in the FB venue.

I am not saying that we should not debate these differences and when we truly believe our position, it may get passionate. But should we not try to temper our more condemning accusations? Do not we all have more in common, especially concerning the fundamentals, than we have differences?

I know that the prophets of old and the apostles of the NT would use strong language and severely rebuke false messengers. However, I fear there are many “wanna be” or “tryin’ to be” prophets or apostles among us, who do not in actuality carry the credentials, have the experience or bear the marks of the men of God in the Bible. Sometimes the accusations are just a smoke screen to cover the lack of sound arguments.

I know a lot of ministers and know about many more from various theological and doctrinal positions. It is my impression that most of them are attempting to glorify God according to their understanding of the gospel and the nature and character of God.

I suggest that we try to cut one another some slack, especially when we consider the warning of our brother James, “Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.” And we also might keep in mind the admonition of our Lord that with what judgment we judge so shall we be judged.


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Building the Church

Our host this week is a retired prison administrator, who now teaches a Bible study in prison. His favorite question to his students is, “How many of you were regularly going to church, when you were arrested?” The answer is always the same, without fail, none of them were attending church, when they got into trouble with the law.

Jesus said, “I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”—Matt 16:18.

Before I founded a church in the late 80’s, I was more of a critic of the church than I am today. Since then, I see myself as a church builder. Not that I am pioneering churches but I want to build the church in the sense of being an encourager instead of a critic. There is an abundance of church critics; criticism tends to develop into censorious spirit, often resulting in becoming a downright opponent of the church.

Jesus came not just to save individuals but to call out a body of believers, the church, which constitutes his Kingdom.

Alas, there are relatively few church builders. Most of the critics don’t seem to have a church home or else they frequently hop from church to church. Some are convinced that the answer is a home church. Home churches soon have the same problems the body of believers which they left had, who were meeting in the building.

The most frequent criticisms of the churches and pastors is that they excuse or overlook sin. Unfortunately, this is often the case. On the other hand, the preachers who teach holiness from the pulpit, still may have sin abounding in their pews. When I was a pastor, I addressed the subject of holiness virtually weekly. Yet, there was still sin in my small congregation, some of which I did not know about until after I closed the church doors.

For 15 years our church muddled through under my leadership; yet, our church was a blessing to my family and me, and I hope to my congregants and to the community in which we ministered.

Shortcomings of the church are easy to see. But despite the faults, I think the churches on the corner remain a great blessing to communities and still have the potential to revive America. The churches remain the strongest barrier against lawlessness.

Often times critics are not really in a position to judge the churches. There is a lot more to a church than the message preached from the pulpit. Churches have discipleship programs and small groups where the sin problem is addressed with perhaps more zeal than in the pulpit. Or perhaps the iniquity is being dealt with in counseling sessions.

Paul in his epistles and John in the Revelation criticized the churches; however, these were churches which they founded. So many of the critics have never pastored nor have they ever pioneered a church, which may be one of the most difficult ministries there is.

Most of the churches in which I have spoken over the years are the store front variety or at least that is where they got their start. Usually, a beginning church or a small church has the same problems as a large church or even a mega-church.

My general rule not to be a critic of the churches but a booster is just that, a general rule. Sometimes criticism is appropriate. Let’s strive to make in constructive and balanced.


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Feminist Hero

This is just too much that a porn whore could be considered a “feminist hero” or a “resistance hero” or even be a “victim” of “sexual assault” on stage. Everything she is doing and saying is obviously for publicity.

This prostitute has minus credibility. Alas, it demonstrates the degeneracy of our culture that anyone takes this female seriously except as a defamer of womanhood. I suppose there are females out there who have no talent as an actress or anything else, who aspire to be like the horrible Stormy.

They call it the “porn industry.” “Industry” is a good word that implies profitable production, not whoredom.

What ever happened to the vice squad?

Where have you gone Anthony Comstock? Your country needs you!

The High Price of Speaking Out Against Stormy Daniels


Defenders of Christendom

Is the New Testament church supposed to be the model for the church of the 21st Century?

Churches which were founded by the apostles from the beginning had serious problems with sin and false teachers. Note the seven churches of The Revelation.

The church of the First Century preached under great difficulties and persecutions, which largely continued into the early Fourth Century. But these materially poor and persecuted churches were not to be the final narrative of God’s plan for his people.

Jesus taught us to pray God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Our Lord compared the Kingdom of Heaven to a mustard seed, which is planted and eventually grows into tree with strong branches spreading throughout the earth, where the birds come and make their nests (Matthew 13:31).

The poverty and persecution of the church was not to last forever. The church was to disciple the nations and bring them under the domain of the church (Matt 28:19-20).

God wanted his church to be the head and not the tail. By the end of the Fourth Century Christianity established itself as the official religion of the Empire, which began the era of Christendom.

Alas, the church has largely turned its back on making the disciples of the nations. She seems content to be once again a persecuted minority, as if that is the more spiritual vision.

Let’s not look back for our church model but let’s look forward to a Triumphant Church, which is ruling and reigning with Christ from heaven. We need to occupy and take dominion until the Lord returns.

Some it would seem would prefer God’s people returning to meeting in homes or worse catacombs as a sign we are faithfully following Christ.


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American Gospel

Critics of the so-called prosperity gospel refer to it as the uniquely “American gospel,” both of which are pejorative labels.


The gospel proclaimed in America might well be different from the way it is taught in other parts of the world. This country was established by our Puritan fathers, who considered America to be the New Jerusalem, or the New Israel, the City on a Hill, that was to be the light of the world. In those days America was known as the New World. She was “Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean.”

Through the 19th Century the prevailing view of the American church was Manifest Destiny, that Christian Americans were destined by God to conquer the wilderness from sea to shining sea. The idea was that savage America would be replaced with a Christian Civilization.

We had left aristocratic Europe behind where there was not the opportunity of upward mobility. Americans believed that if one is industrious, takes initiative and is able to live a life of independence from governmental economic controls, anyone can prosper by “pulling himself up with his own bootstraps.” It was axiomatic that “the Lord helps those who help themselves.” This vision was known as the American Dream. Americans believed that it was a God given right to pursue happiness (property and success).

The Protestant work ethic teaches that it is God’s will that men should work hard, make a profit, save, and be productive and successful. The doctrine of American exceptionalism was widely believed and promoted by all political parties, except for the socialists and communists. It should be noted that America was and remains an exception compared to the nations of the world, so we should have an Exceptional Gospel.

“The New Israel, Manifest Destiny, Christian Civilization, the American Dream, American Exceptionalism and the Protestant Ethic are all tied in with the true gospel of Jesus Christ, which he called the Kingdom of God or Heaven, when and where the Church, God’s people, rule and reign with Christ.

Thankfully, we are not living under the tyranny of the Roman Empire or an Islamic State governed by Sharia Law or the despotism and atheism of the former Soviet Union. Americans are a free people.

Unfortunately, some Christians think that if we are really spiritual that we should be a persecuted minority and not wealthy and healthy. Consequently, churches are often weak and sickly. Many ministers have the audacity to even call the church a hospital for the wounded. No, the church is the Army of God! We are not just conquerors; we are more than conquerors over the world, the flesh and the devil, who would have us to be poor and sickly.

So, call me a promoter of the prosperity gospel or a teacher of the American Gospel if you like. I am not ashamed of this gospel and neither is Joel Osteen, nor was Jeremiah of old, who wanted the people to prosper even in Babylonian captivity 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


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Returning to the Post


It never ceases to amaze men how many college students say they have never been to church, which means they have not been confronted face to face with the deadly consequences of sin.

Monday, August 20, Brother Jed & Co. will be returning to our post, opening at the University of Kansas, which is always a lively campus with huge crowds.

I will be the first preacher to stab multitudes of them with the two-edged sword of God’s Word.

Parents and grandparents your precious sons and daughters are being let-loosed among a den of wolves, which includes many administrators, professors and their fellow students.

We are shepherds to bring back into the fold of peace, hope and safety from which many have strayed and many more have never known.

We would appreciate your prayers and financial support; we are embarking on a month-long mission which includes Kansas, Colorado, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Our feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. Will you help send us?

If they don’t hear the glad tidings from us, of whom will they hear? We have been called for this vital mission.


Returning to the Post

Mark Of The Beast

Have you ever heard this? “I don’t interpret the Bible; I just take it for what it says.”

If there is any book in the Bible that needs to be interpreted, it is the Revelation.

The Revelation is a vision. The difference between a dream and a vision is that with a vision one is awake. What if we were to say we don’t interpret dreams? Joseph told his brothers about a dream he had about sheaves; his brothers rightly interpreted the upright sheaf as representing Joseph and the round about sheaves symbolized the brothers doing obeisance to Joseph. They did not argue about whether the sheaves were of wheat or rye or some other grain. Their focus was not on the symbols but what figures meant.

In another dream about the sun, moon and eleven stars, which Joseph told to his family. His father immediately understood that the sun was Jacob, the moon was Joseph’s mother and the stars his brothers, all of whom were bowing to Joseph. Jacob and the brothers did not speak of the brightness of the sun compared to the moon or starts. They did not speculate as to solar-centered universe as opposed to an earth-centered one.

So, should it be with the signs and symbols, which dominate John’s vision in the Revelation. We should not concentrate on the figures of speech more than on the meaning of the figures. For instance, our love is not so much for the American flag but for the independence and liberty for which the flag stands and flies.

In the Revelation, our interest is primarily on the number 666 as it is the degenerate character the mark of the beast represents. We should not spend much time on whether the mark is a microchip in the hand, or whatever other possibility, but the fact that manifesting the character of Satan dooms us to perdition.

Two wise men, Joseph and Daniel, came into prominence by their ability to interpret dreams. We need to be skilled in interpreting the Revelation of Jesus Christ to John, the Apostle, from preterist, historical, futuristic and most of all spiritual perspective. We ought to understand and apply the principles of this mysterious vision into the churches of our generation and to our individual Christian lives, that we might be prepared for the Final Judgment and Reconciliation.

Revelation is a contrast of the vision of the ideal heavenly realm (the New Jerusalem) with the worldly perspective and apparent reality of Babylon.

To learn more tune into my FB live broadcast each Tuesday at 7 AM, E.T. or watch it later via FB or YouTube.


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