Sartorial Splendor

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One of my goals is to be an example of sartorial splendor. After all, Joseph is known for his coat of many colors and Jesus wore a fine seamless robe expensive enough for the Roman soldiers to gamble over at his crucifixion. Yet, he is usually portrayed in our day clothed as a peasant.


My typical attire on campus is a suit and tie. After all I am an ambassador for the King of kings. I represent the kingdom of God. Should I not dress appropriately for my station, calling and office?

When I was young it was considered unprofessional for a teacher or preacher to not wear a coat and tie. I rarely saw my father without a white shirt and tie on a week day. He was known the best dressed man on the college faculty. Even when I started in the ministry in the early 70’s, I knew old school ministers who would not preach in their shirt-sleeves.

I work on manifesting a traditional style with at times a flamboyant flair in order to set me apart from others. I wore suspenders before Larry King popularized them again. For the last several years I have been working on bringing hats (not baseball caps) back in style.

Sister Cindy admits that it was the three-piece suits, which I typically wore in the 70’ that originally attracted her to me. I was so well-known for my three-piece suits that the student newspapers would refer to me at ‘the man in the three-piece suit’ even on days when I only wore a two-piece suit.

I am thinking of starting a blog on instructing men in sartorial splendor, if any of my Face Book friends are interested.

When I was young it was axiomatic to say of professional and businessmen, “Clothes make the man.” One rarely hears that saying anymore.


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