Since November 3, we have heard from fake news of President Trump “ranting and raging” in the WH. They say that he is “unhinged” and “losing his mind,” etc, etc. These are based on “anonymous sources” within the WH or more likely just stuff the jackals in newsrooms make up.

Yet, since the fake news called the election for Biden, we have heard or seen relatively little from the most transparent and available President in history. Oh, the tweets are still there but his political enemies and even supposed friends have always complained about them. Meanwhile, Trump with his usual smile and upbeat demeanor is extending old fashion Christmas Greetings to the nation in the name of the Prince of Peace.

So, towards what may or may not be the end of his presidency for at least the next four years, the press and the Democrats and Never Trumpers and others of their ilk are resorting to the same tactic, which they tried in his first 6 months in office. That is questioning his sanity. Actually, they are not just questioning his mental state but declaring him mad.Really, there is nothing wrong with a leader ranting and raging as Moses did when he came down from Sinai with God’s Law and the people were having an orgy. Moses ordered 3000 of the revelers put to death. Jesus ranted and raged when he forcibly drove the money changers out of the temple.

He pronounced terrible curses against his enemies, the religious leaders of his day. Actually, Jesus’ own family members thought he had gone mad.It is time for the church to get angry, that is have righteous indignation against the enemy within who would steal an election in order “to change America to change the world” and establish international communism by bringing freedom-loving Americans and entrepreneurs to their knees. Democrats have been resorting to corrupt practices for decades but never as blatant against any Republican except Trump. Trump is the only president who has continuously and boldly stood against these subversives.

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