The Shot heard Round the World

The bridge is swamped with socialists. Where are the embattled farmers?Who will fire the shot resounding around the world? A legislator from one of the battleground states? A/G Paxton of Texas? Jim Jordon from Ohio? Or will it be Trump himself? Or will our guns remain silent as usual? We need not hear a literal gunshot for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to drain swamps. Yet, it is interesting that the Red Coats had come to Concord to confiscate the guns of the plowmen. We have changed colors; now the good guys wear Blue Coats and the bad guys the Red Coats. The battle lines are being drawn. How long will you straddle the line?Earlier on that fateful April 19, 1775, eight Americans had been killed by the swamp men. The situation appeared grim for the colonists; nevertheless, as a result of their stand at North Bridge, the British had to retreat and so started the American Revolution. Did those brave farmers ever imagine that a memorial would be erected in their memory in 1837 and their courage memorialized by Emerson’s sacred song?When I was in elementary school every boy read Emerson’s poem and it was often memorized. Sooner than you think; the iconoclasts will be destroying this votive stone in Concord. I doubt if Emerson’s poem is still usually read in school. Nothing is sacred to these people. Who Will Rise Up? Where on the sons of the Minutemen?

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