Columbus Day

October 12, we celebrate what is still officially recognized as Columbus Day. It has been a difficult year for Christopher Columbus with dozens of inspiring statues of the brave admiral pulled down, some by the arbitrary decisions of mayors, others by a vote of chicken-hearted city councils and still others by lawless vandals.

Even in Columbus’ lifetime, he had to fight to get his just deserts and to protect his reputation. After his third voyage to the New World, he was taken back in chains to Spain. His champion, Queen Isabela, had him released. Columbus’ reputation is threatened more than ever but his stout character has never been touched. Columbus will survive this latest onslaught against his character!

As the new continent which he discovered, explored and labored to development, sinks back into the darkness of savagery, Columbus’ beacon shines brighter than ever pointing us to the crucified life of Christ Jesus, the light of the world.

The descendants of the indigenous peoples of the Americas should get on their knees on this holy day to thank God for the likes of Columbus.

The statue below was installed at Columbus State University in 1959, it was removed this summer. Makes one wonder when they will change the name of the institution to Indigenous Peoples’ State University. 

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