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“I WAS INSTENSELY DRAWN TO THE GOSPEL THROUGH YOUR PREACHING!” I received this email as well as an offering to CMUSA last week:

” Bro. Jed, Actually, I was one of those lost young fraternity men who you warned at St. Cloud State between 1982-1986. In fact, you gave me an autographed copy of your book. It still is on my bookshelf. Although I wasn’t finally saved until 20 years later, I was intensely drawn to the gospel through your preaching. I tell people, if I could do only one thing differently in my life, it would be to have said yes to Jesus in college. His offer was definitely there, but I turned him down. I regret that. Even so, I shall be with Jesus always, forever and ever. Amen. Most people think your style of preaching drives more away than it attracts. I say those people don’t understand the gospel. Your preaching hits home with plenty of people. The fruit may take decades to ripen, but the message was heard. I’m witness to that.”

This is the fourth testimony like this in two months! Yes, the truth does hit home for many students! We need $4000 to meet our fundraising goal for Fall 2020. To make your investment in CMUSA click on the Network for Good or our website in the link below or PM me or Sis. Cindy. Week 6 of Fall Mission 2020 begins today!

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