Trump Not Trusted

There is an old saying among consumers of alcohol, “You can’t trust a person who doesn’t drink.”

Drinking has forever been the acceptable form of socializing in the political world and among the press, often the two estates drink together. The press knows that alcohol loosens tongues. The drinkers wonder, “How can we trust someone who refuses to relax and open-up, when we ourselves are well underway?” Drinking has also become such a big part of our general culture that when someone turns down a drink, it’s insulting.

Historically, much of what took place on the floor of the House or Senate had already been agreed upon in cigar smoke-filled rooms after a number of belts of whiskey. With women entering Congress, the State Houses and press room and with smoking falling into disfavor, the smoke-filled room has become the bar and the bed. People who drink tend to be loose in other appetites. Donald J. Trump enters into politics with a bang but without the booze. He announces that he never drinks nor smokes. The drinkers cannot trust Trump. While others are drinking, the President is devising and designing. His political enemies are too deranged by personal ambition and covetousness to figure out the President.

When it comes to anything in regards to socialization, according to the drinking set, you play by everyone else’s rules. To interact with others, you have to respect their wants and comforts, especially the drinking. Trump does not imbibe; therefore, he cannot be trusted.

Much has been made, mostly by liberals, that President Reagan could sit down with Speaker Tip O’Neill and have a few beers. Therefore, the libs thought they could control Reagan. But Trump won’t drink with any of them. Can you imagine anyone wanting to tip a few with Speaker Pelosi? She probably has to drink alone.

Trump is a dangerous man to the left, if for no other reason than that he doesn’t drink.

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