The Mighty Yankees Have Been Brought to Their Knees

The opening of the shorten baseball season was perhaps the most disgraceful moment in the history of our National Game when the NY Yankees and Washington Nationals bowed in unison to unamerican Marxists under the guise of “racial justice.”

“It was important for us, and for the Yankees, that everybody bought in and we had full participation and presented a united front during that moment,” said one of the Nationals pitchers, “Holding the ribbon, kneeling, to show support for the other athletes who have done it in other sports … to show support for the movement of Black Lives Matter and ending police brutality and racism and injustice.”

When I was a youth the Washington team was called the Senators, they had a reputation for ineptness, usually finishing in last place in the American League.

Now, the Washington Nationals are supposed to be defending their title as World Champions but they surrendered with a whimper to the enemies of freedom and America. Evidently, the ghosts of the old Washington Senators took possession of the shameful “champs.”

One descriptive word for baseball is “Tradition.” The Nationals have hardly established themselves as winners. On the other hand, there is no team in the history of sports which has more of a winning tradition than the Yankees.

What would the Pride of the Yankees, the Iron Man of Baseball, Lou Gehrig say about this disgusting humiliation of his team? Lou. in his farewell address at home plate in Yankee Stadium, months before his untimely death at age 37 of the disease named after him. said, “Today, I am the luckiest man on the face of the earth.” Looking down on his team he must be saddened.

Old Yankee Stadium was called, “The House that Ruth Built.” Would he have taken a knee? Certainly, not. What would George Steinbrenner have done if any of his players tried such a thing when he owned the Yankees? Likely, he would see that they soon would be hanging up the powerful Yankee Pin-Stripes. As for the Yankee Clipper, Joe DiMaggio, he would be jolted. The Yankee’s manager, coaches and players all should have their pinstripes ripped off.

No person or institution has done more to promote racial integration, since Branch Rickey’s Brooklyn Dodger’s signing of Jackie Robinson, than baseball. Baseball has been more influential than all the civil rights leaders together, including M. L. King.

At the time of Rickey and Robinson, the Yankees and Dodgers often met in the World Series. The San Francisco Giants. when they were planted in NY, used to be another strong rival of the Yankees. Manager Leo Durocher would be cussing out his 50’s Giant team, if they even thought to do as the current so-called Giants did. Let’s change their name to the S.F. Dwarfs.

The once-proud Yankees, Dodgers and Giants bowed on opening day. The Mets now deserve the title as the prideful team. When they played the Atlanta Braves, players from neither team bowed.

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