Considering that the colleges have for generations have been brainwashing students with humanism, secularism and socialism, I am somewhat surprised that Harvard, which sets the standard, are not having in person classes. Harvard and state universities are not in reality all that concerned about student health.

Promiscuous students are in greater danger of contracting an STD or becoming addicted drugs or alcohol or committing suicide, any or all of which will have a worse long-term effect on their lives than the virus from which well over 90% will recover should they come down with the infamous THING.

So, I can’t believe that health hazards are the real motive for the shutdown. Although you never know, liberals tend to be fearful people. Perhaps the administrators and professors are genuinely fearful of dying from the virus.

Why encourage freshmen to live on campus since there will be no classes to attend? I suppose they don’t want them missing out on “the college experience” of the wild parties and orgies. After all, some of the incoming freshmen [P.C. speak says, “first year students”] may actually come from good homes and are still virgins.

We can’t have Harvard graduating virgins, indicating that they still have morals and manners. Once they break down students’ morals, they will be open to any lie or vain philosophy, which the professors promote.

The colleges must figure that most of college age students are already thoroughly conditioned to unquestionably accept any of the latest isms being propagated on campus. Students are pretty much brain dead by the time they have finished elementary school these days.

So now they have a group of 18 to 22-year-old youth, who are unemployed and mostly without skills, who are available to wreak havoc in the city streets and soon the suburbs and completely transform the culture and society into the godless Marxist image. The people want to rid the world of ranting “boomers” like myself and just can’t wait for us to die off.

But we ain’t dead yet!

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