“Trump Rescues Jackson”

It is fitting that President Trump rescued President Andrew Jackson’s statue from being pulled down last night in Lafayette Square. Jackson, a Democrat, is reportedly Trump’s favorite president. He has a portrait of Jackson hanging in a prominent place in the Oval Office.

Donald Trump reminds me of our seventh president, 1829-1837. Both men were Presbyterians. Jackson was of Scot/Irish ancestry, Trump is Scot/German.

Jackson was known for a volcanic temperament; he killed a man in a duel. And he challenged others to duels and was a noted brawler. If it was legal today, Trump might be a duelist instead of threatening law suits.

Jackson’s beloved wife, Rachel, was accused of being a bigamist; Trump’s wife has been photographed in the near nude from her days as a model.

Jackson had an unruly shock of red hair, which was completely gray by the time he became president. Trump’s wild orange hair is distinctive.

Jackson was known as a supporter of the common man., On Inauguration Day “low life westerners” invaded the White House and its grounds. Trump appeals to the blue collar class [the deplorables] and “red necks” with his populist policies.

Jackson was the founder of the Democrat Party; Trump is taking the Republican Party in a new direction.

Jackson’s political opponents referred to him as a “jackass,” which eventually became the symbol of the Democrat Party. His adversaries also called him a demagogue, referring to him as, “King Andrew.” Jackson championed transferring power from the political elites to the ordinary voters.

Jackson was never accepted by the Washington “elite,” as revealed in the Peggy Eaton Affair.

Jackson is credited by historians for introducing the “spoils system” into national politics on a scale hitherto unmatched. The spoils system refers to the old adage, “To the victor belongs the spoils.”

As the federal government was growing an entrenched bureaucracy from previous administrations acted as a foil to Jackson’s policies. Jackson advocated a “clean sweep” of political opponents deep rooted in his administration and replacing them with his political allies.

Trump has faced a similar problem called the deep state or the swamp, which he has vowed to drain.

Jackson, like Trump, was a strong nationalist, opposing the threaten secession of S.C. Trump is still working on building his great wall. Trump neutralized ISIS. Jackson was tough in defeating the British at the Battle of New Orleans and the Indians in the Seminole War. Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act; which result in their forced removal to Oklahoma. Trump has promised to remove illegal immigrants.

During Jackson’s presidency Michigan was admitted to the Union in 1837; Trump’s victory in Michigan was the death blow to Hillary’s run for the presidency.

Jackson was known as an energetic man of action with the most commanding presidential personality of the 18th and 19th Centuries. His dynamism was developed on the frontier and in the Indian Wars. Jackson was regarded as a national hero, which mounted him to the Presidency.

Teddy Roosevelt had the most commanding personality of the 20th Century. Trump’s personality developed in the business and entertainment industries arguably surpasses all the presidents. Trump was a celebrity with the media, politicians of both parties and Hollywood before running for president.

Jackson was one of the most controversial Americans of the 19th Century. “Old Hickory” helped make America great; Trump wants to Make America Great Again. See Less

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