Houston is known as the world capital of space exploration, of the international energy industry, and of petroleum exploration.

Houston is the only major American city that doesn’t have land-use zoning laws. That means anything can be built anywhere, taxidermy shops next to Italian restaurants next to hospitals next to gun shops or next to schools.

The song “Going Back to Houston” with the memorable lyrics: “Well it’s lonesome in this old town/ Everybody is putting me down/ I’m a face without a name/ Just walking in the rain,” was made famous by Dean Martin.

The city is named for Sam Houston, the first president of the Republic of Texas. He was nick-named “the Raven” by the Cherokee tribe with whom he lived for three years and went on to become governor of Tennessee, president of Texas (twice), member of the Texas House of Representatives, U.S. senator from the state of Texas and governor of Texas. Sam Houston is bigger than life in Texas.

Houston’s best known and most influential citizen today is a preacher, Pastor Joel Osteen. Today his name is more associated with Houston than even the late President George H.W. Bush, who resided in the city. Joel Osteen, though small in stature, has become larger than life in character and power with God and men.

Joel has the ear of Houston city officials and prominent businessmen and other notable citizens more than anyone else. He is friends with President Trump. I like that a Christian minister is placed in such a position of supremacy.

Is there anywhere else other than Houston that a man could have a vision for turning a basketball arena into the largest church in the world which seats 16,700 people and over 50,000 come through the church each week?

Houston is under the Big Sky of Texas and few, if any pastors, have ever had such large implemented vision as Joel Osteen. Joel is a man that puts his faith into action, as he teaches other to do by living up to their full potential by trusting in Jesus.

Back in the 80’s the governor of Oklahoma said, “Wherever I go; wherever I travel and meat dignitaries, the first thing everyone always asks me is, “’What about Oral Roberts.’” Brother Roberts was a man with a vision, who had the “Minas Touch.”

Joel is the son, who extended and excelled his father’s vision. Yesterday, when Joel mentioned this in his sermon; he was brought to tears.

Like him or not, Joel Osteen has largely become the face of Christendom to our generation over the last score of years. I say, Christendom, because of Joel’s world-wide impact through the media and his best-selling books.

Come to Lakewood Church and meet, Pastor Joel, the face with a name in Houston. He gives everyone the opportunity to meet him in his reception line. You have a friend in Houston. You need not be lonesome there are thousands who will love you. Come and let the latter rain of the Holy Spirit fall on you.

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