See you Later, Jack

I am sorry to hear of the passing of Jack Van Impe; he was a prominent figure on Christian TV for decades with his wife Rexella. Those two could put on quite a dramatic show.

Personally, I don’t agree with Van Impe’s premillennial, pretribulation eschatological views; nor was I particularly impressed with his manner of quoting and applying the Bible to current events published in the press. But I admired his memorization of the Bible and the fact that their was no scandal concerning his ministry and he was faithful to Rexella.

Hal Linsey’s “The Late Great Planet Earth” was published and a best seller about the time I was converted in 1972. Many were reached and converted by this book, which I suppose appealed primarily to men’s fears. I think the Linsey and Van Impe had similar views of the “end times.”

Their ministries demonstrate to me that one doesn’t have to have everything right doctrinally and theologically to reach souls. Van Impe and Linsey were consistent in their overall understanding of prophesy, As for detailed application of the Scriptures to current events, maybe not so much.

It takes all kinds to reach the lost.

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