Three weeks ago I had my banner stolen at Georgia College. Recently, I received an email from Reid who had recovered my banner and mailed it unto me postage pd., enclosed was a check for $250. Below is a email I received today from Reid in response to my thank you note:

“Bro. Jed,

I am glad the package found you safely. Yes, you are correct; it was at GC that I first became acquainted with your ministry. I first heard you preach in 2014 as a freshman there and to be quite honest, I wasn’t really sure what to make of it at the time. I was raised by wonderful parents in a Christian household, but had never encountered anything quite like when you came to campus. Nevertheless, it made quite an impact and stuck with me. In the years since, I have grown in my faith and relationship with God and have come to understand and appreciate what you do.

As for the banner, I am sorry that I was unable to recover the poles as well; the banner itself was all that I was made aware of. My brother is currently a senior at Georgia College and although I graduated in 2018, I go back from time to time to visit him. While visiting one weekend, I heard one of his friends mention that her roommate had taken a sign from you. Not only had they taken the sign, but the roommate was displaying it as some kind of sick trophy in their living room. The friend was upset by this, but lacked the courage to stand up to her roommate. I told my brother’s friend that I was a “friend of Jed’s” and that I would gladly return it if she could get it for me. With my brother’s encouragement, she went and retrieved the sign. She told me that she felt much better because the sign was going to its rightful owner.

Feel free to share the story (testimony, really!) in any form with anyone you see fit. I know it was God’s doing from start to finish, and I am thankful that He allowed me to be a part of it.


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