Echo (Conway) and Narcissus (Trump)

President Trump is constantly accused by his political and media opponents of being a narcissist. George Conway, husband of Trump’s close counsellor, Kellyanne, has added to the echo of Democrats, Never Trumpers and the fake media by accusing Trump of having the personality disorder of narcissism, which has become a psychological construct of the Greek myth of Narcissus.

Narcissism was coined as a mental disorder in the early 20th Century. Often forgotten in the Greek myth of Narcissus is his frustrated lover, Echo.

Echo was a nymph. Zeus lusted for nymphs and often rendezvoused with them. Hera, his jealous wife, followed him trying to catch him in the act. However, Echo, would distract Hera with long-winded conversations, giving time to Zeus to evade her. Hera realized the ploy of Echo and she cursed her to only be able to repeat the last words that another person just said.

After being cursed, Echo came across a handsome young man named Narcissus, but was unable to talk to him because of the curse. She simply followed him in the woods. Narcissus, having been separated from his hunting companions, started shouting “Is anyone there?” Echo, given the opportunity, repeated the words. He yelled again “Let’s come together” to which Echo rushed onto him repeating his words. However, Narcissus rejected Echo, and she was left in despair.

Narcissus came across a lake and there, he fell in love with his own image, causing his death, unable to move he eventually turned into a flower. Echo mourned for him and finally died away herself, leaving only her voice behind.

Donald J. Trump is not like the mythological character. Trump is a mover and maker and a shaker.

George Conway is nothing but a failed wind-bag, whose notoriety is based primarily on his wife, Kellyanne, without her, he would have no platform. George wanted a position in the Trump administration and when he did not get it, he turned against Trump. George Conway would be a man of no consequence without Trump as his foil. Weak men need foils.

The Democrats, the Never Trumpers and the phony media are constantly echoing one another in their mythical narrative concerning Trump’s actions and mental condition. Trump is no echo of the mainstream of the Republican Party represented by the Bushes. Trump is a creative conservative. Barry Goldwater presidential campaign slogan in 1964 against LBJ was, “A Choice, Not An Echo.” Choose TRUMP IN 2020!

The psychologists and psychiatrists in their Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of Mental Disorders (DSM) keep adding disorders with the passage of times. Yet they never tell us what orderly mental health looks like. We should look to Jesus in that he was the most mentally fit man who ever walked the earth.

In the OT we have strong personalities to whom I have compared President Trump, like Samson, David, Solomon and Cyrus. Let’s look to great men and women of history for guidance of good mental health instead of mythical characters and psychological constructs of sick minds usually made ill as a result of bad choices.

Jesus was perfect; the other Biblical characters I have mentioned had their faults and sins, which corrupt the mind depending on the depth of the sin. We all need and may acquire the mind of Christ through faith in Jesus.

I suspect that George Conway is envious of Trump’s strong and confident personality and his great success in life and now in politics even though he is a novice in the political arena. Trump may think more like Christ than any president other than the Father of our Country, George Washington.

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