The Psalms of Ascent that Kanye West’s Choir sang Sunday night at the Temple Joel Osteen built in Houston are comparable to Psalms 120-34, which are otherwise known as the Songs of Degrees.

There were 15 steps ascending to Solomon’s Temple. The Levite singers paused at each step to sing a Psalm as they were preparing to minister at the Temple. Others say these psalms were sung by pilgrims as the ascended road to Jerusalem for Jewish festivals.

The Kayne West Choir took the congregation higher and higher, until it reached the top with an altar call for salvation to which thousands had the opportunity to respond to Jesus’ sacrifice. Thus marking the beginning of their ascent into Heaven.

Tonight, manifested a new level of super Holy Ghost energized gospel music, which will set an innovative standard in contemporary worship. West’s singers surpassed the Maranatha or Hillsong Singers.

There was no doubt that the choir was singing to the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Jesus’ name was exalted as King of Kings and Lord of Lords and the Savior of mankind.
The video of tonight’s service has already gone around the world and will no doubt be used of God to extend saving grace to countless multitudes.

There were only a few songs with which I was familiar. I had difficulty catching the words; so, I will have to review the concert. Sister Cindy was able to tell me some of the words that were being sung; however, she was distracted from the service by a few phone calls.

I had little idea of what to expect except that I had confidence that Joel would not have any music in his church would not glorify God. My expectations were surpassed.

Remember, I am a traditionalist, who doesn’t relate that well to contemporary worship; however, West’s choir is rooted in traditional black choir spirituals with the Pentecostal flare.

The Holy Ghost flames roared at Lakewood tonight and will spread throughout Houston, Texas, the United States and the world. Kanye’s testimony is going to spark a not only a spiritual revival but a political awakening in the black community as they will leave the party of demons in mass.

A toughing moment occurred when Kayne’s daughter stood beside him singing as he was playing the piano. In Kayne West, we definitely have a new creature in Christ.

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