On another thread a FB friends asked why I do not address the problems within the current religious system, which he compares to Goliath. I wanted to pass off my answer to a wider audience:

My practice is not to criticize the church. She has far too many critics from both within and without. Anyone can be a critic; I am not impressed with critics. I prefer the men of action; the ones who are making history, not mere observers of history.

David asked, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?” The shepherd boy was concerned for the reputation of the armies of Israel, which are a type of the church.

Like David, I believe in leading by example. David asked his eldest brother, who was discouraging him, “Is there not a cause?”

David took up his sling and five stones and advanced upon the Philistine. He did not tell the armies of Israel what they should be doing. Goliath was mocking the armies. That was not acceptable to David. He slew the giant and beheaded him.

As a result, the men of Israel and Judah were encouraged and pursued the Philistines and spoiled their tents. Words will not activate the church; heroic warriors like David will get the job done.

My fight is not with the armies of Israel, the various denominations of Christianity. My fight is against the world system without Christ, which is constantly defying the church.

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