The President should not have chosen the word lynching to describe the Nancy’s (Caiaphas’) inquiry into Trump’s impeachment. Nancy’s sham is more like a mock trial and Crucifixion.

One Democrat operative said on Fox News that Trump needs to stop playing the victim and govern. In fact, Trump is veiling his ultimate victory in defeat, which his enemies, so blinded by pride and arrogance, cannot see. Trump will use impeachment to take back America from the claws of the beasts of the swamp.

Jesus was a victim on the Cross but through his Resurrection he became Christus Victor. The Ransom theory of the atonement is a metaphor which views the Crucifixion as the means by which Satan was trapped and defeated.

Satan overreached in conspiring to put Jesus to death; the Devil and his cohorts in the Sanhedrin condemned an innocent man. Neither Death nor Satan nor Hell could hold Jesus, because he was guiltless.

Jesus emerged victoriously from the tomb on the Third Day saying, “All power is given unto me in Heaven and in Earth.”

Trump will use this crucifixion to consolidate his authority and power and bring down “the deep state” and MAGA.

Trump the supreme strategist always wins. He will snatch victory out of the clutches of evil men just has he did with the Mueller “Investigation” [read: Inquisition], who in the end was exposed as an old uninformed fool.

Even should the House impeach the President and his “friends” in the Senate forsake him and convict him of phony “trumped up” House charges, he will be inaugurated as President for a second term by the people, the Deplorables. The way of the Cross ends with the Crown.

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