October 11, 2019, Arkansas State University

“Sister Cindy’s Slut Slamming Show” quickly captivated students’ attention. Two policemen arrived and we had a least two with us all afternoon. They did a good job of not allowing students to get too close or to jump up on the platform from which we spoke. The police here do not allow use of the F-Word. On several occasions the police had to talk to students about their use of foul language. To the credit of the students none argued with the police but complied.

Of the hundreds of campuses, I have preached on over almost a half century I never remember the police controlling the students cussing tongues. I commended the police for their stand. Sister Cindy said at the end of the day, “ASU is becoming my favorite campus over Texas A&M.

Sister Cindy was the star performer today. Twice I lost all but a few students as they surrounded Sister Cindy. They were very interested in her new sermon on the three hoes in Jesus ancestry. Hopefully, it gave the loose women on campus hope that they could yet accomplish something good in life.

When we tell the story of the woman caught in adultery in John 8, We often relate it in from the Jed and Cindy Paraphrase Edition of the Bible. Jesus finals words to the woman in this Bible are, “Be a Ho No Mo!” Students today picked up on that and several times in unison chanted, “Be a Ho No Mo!”

At one point at least 50 students form a prayer circle, often in these situations they are praying against our influence. Cindy prayed with a girl who has a Baptist/Methodist background. When she first came to campus, she was attending some of the Bible studies and Christian gatherings but she gradually slipped into the party life. The girl said to Cindy that when she got back to the dorm the first thing she was planning on doing was to call her mother. We are the answer to countless prayers of parents.

Once back in the 70’s I even had a parent from C.U. call me to thank me for being a positive influence on his son who was enrolled at the University. I stayed in the father’s home for many years in my visits to Boulder and he became a decades long financial supporter of our mission. He has since gone on to his reward.

Late in the afternoon a sweet girl wanted to personally interview me, I did not want to lost my stage 4 audience, so I said we could do it here. The students complied with her request to be quiet doing the interview which had a calming effect on them until we left campus at 5:30 after an early start of 10:45.

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