October 9, 2019, Southern Illinois University & S.E. Missouri St.

We started the day at Southern Illinois; however, we waited 90 minutes for a significant class break yet it never happened.

Since we were only an hour from Cape Girardeau, Mo, I decided to move on to that campus where we preached annually when we lived in Missouri for nine years. I called my friend, Bob N., who is a local Christian businessman. He reminded of the day over a decade ago, when the President of the University approached the Chief of Campus Security and asked, “Can’t we stop this?” The Chief responded, “This is the most exciting thing we have had at S.E. Missouri State since I have been here!” Later that week the Chief, who was a backslidden Assembly of God member, got right with God. This afternoon my friend, Bob, drove by campus to give me a generous check.

Cindy started preaching at 2 PM, which is later than we usually begin a meeting. Cindy gathered a crowd by reproving and rebuking two girls who were waiting for a bus. Eventually, we had a crowd of four hundred people. They were very stirred. The current Chief of Security walked up and asked, “Are you Brother Jed?” He smiled when I affirmed that I was and said, “OK”.

I held high my staff crucifix, which might have saved me from hear today. The image of Jesus on the cross took a blow which was directed towards me by a man who claimed he was an (expletive) Christian. He appeared to have many mental issues as so many students have.

The Christians were virtually all against us; they cannot bear our holiness doctrine. They were defending sin by claiming it is impossible to live holy. Two professing Christians were overbearing. I tried to get away from them when I was on the sidelines but they hounded me whenever I moved away. They claimed this was their way of showing love. They were claiming that it is impossible to continuously avoid sin.
We hated to have to leave shortly after 5 PM since we want to make Jonesboro, Arkansas to preach tomorrow.

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