October 8, 2019, Eastern Illinois

Cindy started preaching and the students tried an old tactic, which is to discourage people to engage us. Actually, they turned their back on Cindy and formed a little group. This ploy rarely works for long. Soon a few broke ranks and then they all did and Cindy had a sizable crowd. When the campus security arrived, they encouraged the students to move on if they did not want to hear our message. I did not notice anyone leaving. The two policemen stayed for most of the afternoon.

A smaller group soon gathered around Sister Pat. The students were comparatively behaved today as measured by past visits. I engaged a young man who was relatively familiar with the Hebrew Scriptures, who actually listened to my answers to his questions. Later, he came up to talk to me privately. He was raised a Catholic; however, after he started dating a Jewish girl, she informed him he would have to convert to Judaism if the relationship were to continue. Evidently, they are not dating anymore but he wants to study to become a kabbalist, which is a school of thought in Jewish mysticism. He was a serious young man.

When I was preaching, a middle-aged lesbian, whom I assumed worked for the university, started distributing condoms. I thought this would be a good time to call back Cindy to give her signature, “The Condom Gospel,” message. Meanwhile, I was on the outskirts of group gathered around the condom woman. She claimed to have a “wife.” She was showing the girls some female condom and how it is worn or whatever.

For the last hour I had an attentive crowd of largely women. Sister Pat said, “You sure captured the attention of those girls.” Since I was preaching with my staff crucifix, I reminded the students that to become a Christian is to embrace the cross which require a life of self-denial and results in suffering, sorrow, pain and rejection. Alas, rebellious men are unwilling to sacrifice a life of self-indulgence for the life of self-sacrifice.

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