Proverbs and Prosperity Go Hand in Hand

There is an emphasis in Solomon’s Proverbs on prosperity to those who fear God. Solomon reigned during a time great affluence in Israel and even opulence as far as Solomon and his temple were concerned. Judaism flourished during Solomon’s rule, despite tendencies toward idolatry and Solomon himself actually falling into idolatry, badly influenced by his heathen wives. Yet through it all the temple was built, which was a marvel of the ancient world.

Despite grievous national sins, Christianity is still the leading religious influence in America. President Trump presides over our nation wisely in the Spirit of Solomon before his backsliding.

Democrats don’t believe in “the prosperity gospel.”. They actually oppose American prosperity as do duped Christians, who oppose advocates of prosperity in this great land of plenty.

Trump wants to bring America back to its proud Christian heritage and make America wealthier than ever. One might argue that the “prosperity gospel” is uniquely Christian and American as it was uniquely Jewish and Zionist during Solomon’s reign. He made Israel great under the direction of God far surpassing his father, David. America is an exceptional nation far beyond any in world history because of its Christian foundation. President Trump understands this arguably better than any other previous president.

The American Dream includes a vision of prosperity and independence. Trump aptly labeled those countries where poverty and tyranny reign, assuming he actually said what the fake news claims he said about certain unnamed countries.

Apparently, many Christians cannot see beyond saving faith. They do not seem capable or willing to exercise their faith for God to supply all their needs according to His riches in glory.—Phil 4:19. Christians need to put their faith into action to propagate the gospel to the nations, think great thoughts and accomplish mighty deeds for the glory of God, gain wealth, be generous, live righteous lives, etc.

Alas, most teach that Christians cannot live a righteous life, that we are bound to sin daily in thought, word and deed. What kind of faith is this? It is not saving faith. They are not living their best life now, which is a holy life; nor are they living up to their full potential; too many Christians have settled for a life of mediocrity, living paycheck to paycheck. Instead of lenders, they are borrowers. They are the tail, when God saved them to be the head. They are victims instead of victors. They see themselves still victims of Adam’s fall instead of victors as a result of the second Adam’s resurrection.

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