“The Volunteer State”

President Trump’s favorite president, Andrew Jackson, gained the fame, which eventually elevated him to the White House by victoriously leading an army of Tennessee Volunteers in the decisive Battle of New Orleans during the war of 1812.

Jackson personally financed his volunteers. Brother Jed & Co. are volunteers; there are men, who know of our fighting experience, who have the wealth to finance us.

Another famous Tennessean, Davy Crockett, fought and died defending the Alamo with five volunteers under his command. Each volunteer was promised 4,600 acres of land by the Provisional Government of Texas for fighting.

If you do not have great wealth than I am asking you to donate $46 as payment for our volunteer work on the campus battlefields.

The motto of Tennessee is “The Volunteer State.” Alas, today the Volunteers are primarily known as the football or basketball team of the University of Tennessee, not as mighty warriors defending and expanding our country.

Quit yourselves like men; Don’t be a couch potato devoted to watching sporting events. Be a watchman on the wall and get in the fight or else support those of us who are at war. If you are from Tennessee perhaps you should double the $46 offering and make it $92.

Paul asked a relevant rhetorical question in 1 Cor 9:7: “Who goeth a warfare any time at his own charges?”

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