Where Would Sis. Cindy Be?…

Remember Sister Cindy Smock is the prime fruit of The CMUSA over the years. I picked Cindy from the orange trees of Florida. When Cindy was converted, Anita Bryant was at the height of her career and the main promoter of Florida o.j. She paid a heavy price opposition to the homosexual way.

I used to say that Anita Bryant was the #2 woman in Christendom (my mother was #1). When we got married, Cindy advanced to # 1.

The noted rebuke I directed her way at UF in 1978, “Repent of your sins, you wicked woman,” may be the most famous pick-up line into the Kingdom of God in the history of the church.

Where would Cindy be if I have not been there to reprove and exhort her?

Cindy’s ambition had been to become the next Barbara Walters. Can you imagine Cindy on the View with those witches? Just the horrible thought should make you want to dig in your pockets and send us that $1000 bonus gift for our reserve fund. Or consider Cindy sitting in the seat of Rachel Maddow of MSNBC? That nightmare ought to make a monthly donor out of you.

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