Christ Triumphant



Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ, God’s Son to die on the cross for our sins? Why couldn’t our loving, merciful God just say “you are forgiven.” We forgive people all the time! Why couldn’t God? Is He some blood thirsty tyrant who needs to see blood to forgive??

A soul winner should be able to answer this question! As Christians we often take it for granted or give answers that don’t really make sense to the thinking seeker.

If I encounter a genuine skeptical seeker, I will hit him with this question, “Say for the sake of argument, Christianity is true, why did Jesus have to die for us?” I tell him the atonement of Christ is what sets our faith apart from the other; if he understands that or can answer that question he will comprehend why we insist that we have the Truth and all other religions are false.

I have written a powerful narrative that answers this vital question: Christ , The Battle of the Ages! To celebrate Easter, we are offering free PDF copies to all!! Even though it is a profound question, the book is easy enough to read to your children for Easter!!


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