Fake News

by Sis. Cindy

I am a trained journalist! I chose to go to the University of Florida because they had the best journalism school in the south.

My passion was working as a news reporter for the Independent Florida Alligator, the student paper that actually paid us minimum wage. I would have done it for free!!

My news class was taught by a crusty old guy retired from Associated Press. He bragged about being a “leg man” and had a major crush on Sophia Loren but when it came to news reporting he had high standards!

One day he pretended to be the University President and gave a speech for our class. Our assignment was to listen carefully and pick the lead story (most newsworthy) from the speech. It was a scary assignment because 1) It would not be the main topic of the speech. 2) There was only ONE right answer and we would either make an A or an F.

Back then, journalism schools taught professional standards! I could not have argued with my prof as to what was most newsworthy in my opinion. We there to learn how to be objective professionals. Our opinions were for the editorial pages ONLY!

Today’s journalists have never taken a news course. They are wannabe actors with their personal agendas. They are masters at twisting, distorting and fabricating their own realities.

This is especially true when it comes to our beloved President Trump. They have thrown out all journalistic standards and then they want to whine, “Trump is not presidential!” Thank God he’s not! Thank God for a president who puts the fake news in its place!! Still celebrating President’s Day!


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