Did Jesus Ever Fail in His Ministry?

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What did this look like? Did Jesus actually pray for people in Nazareth and nothing happen? Did he make an attempt to do a mighty work and fail, because of the peoples’ unbelief? Or does it mean he knew their hearts and did not even attempt a great miracles except for healing a few sick folks?

The Pulpit Commentary seems to imply the former, “This is a remarkable expression. He could do no mighty work there. The words imply want of power – that in some sense or other he was unable to do it.”

I believe gifts of healing should be active in the church today and elders ought to lay hands on the sick and anoint with oil and pray the prayer of faith. When I pray for miracles or attempt to heal a few sick folks, I don’t get any better results than Jesus had in his hometown. But I don’t get discouraged out of obedience to God I press on and try again in the next town or situation.

A big part of the New Testament records the many miracles and healings which Jesus and the Apostles did. But isn’t it interesting that there is this record when even Jesus did not perform as well as he would have liked?

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