Never Trumper

For you never Trumpers, can you name any Republican who would have made a better President that Donald J. Trump? Please explain why your candidate would have accomplished more.

What other Republican has the faith (guts), the stamina, the intelligence and unique experience of Trump to stand against the Washington establishment, the deep state, that is “the swamp”? Who else would or could have withstood the phony media and Hollywood? Who would have been better at interacting¬†with international leaders?

Also, who would have made a better First Lady than Melania? What other woman has the quiet dignity and poise of Mrs. Trump? Do any of our American bred women carry themselves better?

Even most of the Trump defenders usually present the caveat that Trump isn’t perfect, that he has made his mistakes, etc., etc. I think he had done everything right since he announced his candidacy. He is the perfect man for the job. No one could have come close to excelling President and Mrs. Donald J. Trump.

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