Pilgrim Economics By Sister Cindy

Pilgrim ECONOMICS!!💰Although religious freedom was a Pilgrim priority, it was not their primary reason for coming to the New World. 🧐They had fled the persecutions of England and lived in Holland with freedom to worship for a decade. 🙏 So why leave Holland?? 🤨 Two issues that concern us all, motivated our Pilgrim fathers: children and economics. Even in the 17th century, the morals of the Dutch were very low and were a terrible influence on the youth. The Pilgrims had been farmers but they were forced to work long and gruesome hours in the Dutch textile industry. They were aging prematurely and barely making ends meet. The Pilgrims were willing to risk all for a better life for their offspring and the hope for economic prosperity for all! Their faith and industry laid the foundation for the country and economic system that has provided the highest standard of living for the most amount of people with the greatest religious freedom know to man! Let us thank God and follow the example of our forefathers👏 What are we doing to make it better for the next generation?👶

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