Where have you gone “Black Jack” Pershing?

After much thought, I have concluded that we need another Punitive Expedition into Mexico such as General John J. Pershing led in 1916 against the Poncho Villa, who had raided Columbus, NM and killed 16 Americans, mostly civilians.

Pershing routed Villa’s forces but failed to capture Villa. Lieutenant George S. Patton was Pershing’s protégé in this border war.

If we allow the mad motley mob of multitudes to reach our border, catch and release laws make it virtually impossible to stop the louses from being released into our general population.

The President should consider drawing a red line a certain distance from the border and not allow the caravan to proceed any closer to our Southern border.

Stop ‘em before they get here!

Do we have another Pershing or Patton in our military?

What should we call the expedition should it become necessary?

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