Trump is the King of Hearts

The media does not cover the Trump rallies as they should, Fox News included. The thousands, who regularly attend these unprecedented political rallies, are usually ignored. The cameras rarely span the gathered multitudes. Usually we just see Trump and the people sitting behind him. The attendees, who stand in line for hours, are seldom interviewed.

As demonstrated in the primaries and general election of 2016, Trump rallies are a much more accurate barometer to predict the outcome than the pre-election polls. Therefore, we can conclude things are looking bad for the Democrats in the Mid-Terms.

The Trump card was drawn by thousands in Nevada. “One-percent” Biden had at the most two hundred draw his card. Biden is merely a deuce. Trump is the King of Hearts. Ted Cruz is the Jack of Hearts. Who knows what other cards Trump is holding? It could be a Royal Flush and he will clean the table both in the Senate and House.

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