The Key To Mental Health

Mental Health is a major issue in our country. Many college students have been on psychotropic drugs for years. Even more develop mental health problems at the University. What does the Bible say about mental health?
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“Christians have a sound mind, which is a gift from God. “
“Psychology is a legitimate study. What better book to go to in order to study the mind or soul than the Bible, which has so much to say about the mind?”
 “One needs to read and reread and ponder on these key chapters of the Bible daily, until one gets the victory.”
“You are a product of your choices! You are not the prisoners of your neurotransmitters! Science has not discovered any biological cause for mental illness. The evidence is against the psychotropic drugs.”
“Obedience is something that we learn. Throughout our Christian walk God will challenge us with new heights of faith and obedience. We fulfill the challenges by the power of the Holy Ghost.”

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