After about 15 minutes of preaching at Butler University last Monday, I had no crowd. The police told Bro. Frank that since the lunch break was over, we would not get much attention today. (They were hoping we would leave. Bro Jed was home so it was just the three of us.)

Even though it looked like the police were right because the only people around where the 3 fraternity boys across the street who had brought their stereo to the porch to mock the preaching by blasting Highway to HELL, I commented, that’s what they think. I’m getting a crowd.

I did have some doubts, but preached on in faith. I looked across the street and started calling the fraternity boys out! In a few, three of them marched over to confront me in an intimidating way. The police probably groaned because that was the beginning of a meeting that lasted until 4:30.

In another post I will tell you more of the great things that happened on the day that I ignored the discouraging words, but for now, you’re take away is ignore the “evil report” and step out in faith!! We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!!

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