Trump, The Father of our Country

President Trump’s countenance was beaming tonight for the swearing in of Justice Kav. Trump looked like the proud father his beloved country. We may have to start calling Washington the grandfather of our country and Trump the father as he has and is making MAGA as Washington and the other founders anticipated by building a strong Constitutional foundation. The foundation had been crumbling until Trump came along to reinforce the underpinning and re-establish a Judicial system which will embrace the founders’ intent.

Justice Kav thanked the President for his unwavering support. Many pundits have said other less feisty Presidents would have withdrawn Kavanaugh’s name from the Court as opposition grew and the proceedings became so ugly. I was always disappointed that Reagan’s support of Bork became tepid (as Bork himself admitted) as opposition for his confirmation for the Supreme Court intensified. Had Reagan been more aggressive he could likely have saved Bork’s nomination. Trump never faltered in his support for his nominee.

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