Athena the goddess of Wisdom & War

The frenzied feminists, who protested in the halls and elevators of the Senate the confirmation of Justice Kav., are comparable to the Furies, Sirens and Harpies of Greek mythology. Included are the vixens on the View, the mad females of the fake news and the many Hollywood Harlots. Just as shrill, are the likes of Senator Feinstein, Senator Harris and Senator Hirono; she wants men to shut-up and fall into step.

Don’t do it, men! Don’t allow yourselves to be emasculated, castrated and effeminized by these fuming feminists. Though they have come in like a flood in recent decades, the Spirit of God is raising up daughters of Athena as a standard against these witches.

Athena, is goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, freedom and democracy, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill and regarded as patroness of universities. Athena successfully fought off a rapist and remained a virgin, not a weakened survivor but a courageous victor over her enemies, strong enough to stand against the Trojans and stand with Odysseus as his chief counselor in the War. Athena is also associated with the city of Athens.

The offspring of Athena are represented by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Kellyanne, Judge Jeanine, Senator Collins, Ainsley Earhardt and our beloved First Lady, Melania (who led the nation in the Lord’s Prayer). Then there are the likes of Sisters Cindy and Pat, and the Chaplain Assistant, Evangeline, Elizabeth Johnston (the Activist Mommy) and the multitudes of mothers of Israel, who are the hands that rock the cradle of the future Donald Trumps of the world. These women are wise; the feminists are fools.

Alas, the Republicans are stuck with that pitiful female Republican Senator from Alaska, who cast her vote against Justice and gave the most pathetic and rambling speech ever delivered on the floor of the Senate.

Rise up, Oh men of God and sons of Odysseus and Trump. Rise up, oh wise daughters of Athena, Deborah and the American Revolution. Banish the demonic Furies, Sirens and Harpies to the Island of Lesbos, where they will not reproduce and will vainly seek satisfaction in the lusts of the flesh for their tormented souls.

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