Returning to the Post


It never ceases to amaze men how many college students say they have never been to church, which means they have not been confronted face to face with the deadly consequences of sin.

Monday, August 20, Brother Jed & Co. will be returning to our post, opening at the University of Kansas, which is always a lively campus with huge crowds.

I will be the first preacher to stab multitudes of them with the two-edged sword of God’s Word.

Parents and grandparents your precious sons and daughters are being let-loosed among a den of wolves, which includes many administrators, professors and their fellow students.

We are shepherds to bring back into the fold of peace, hope and safety from which many have strayed and many more have never known.

We would appreciate your prayers and financial support; we are embarking on a month-long mission which includes Kansas, Colorado, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Our feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. Will you help send us?

If they don’t hear the glad tidings from us, of whom will they hear? We have been called for this vital mission.


Returning to the Post

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