Lamentations for Indiana University


I have a love/hate relationship with academia and my Indiana alma maters IU and ISU. All my life has been spent around the university community.

My father was a professor and Chairman of the English Department at Indiana State University. I taught US History for a year at the University of Wisconsin before sinking into the depths depravity of the counter culture movement of the 60’s and early 70’s.

When I converted to Christianity in 1972, I determined to revive our colleges and universities and return them to the Christian vision of their founders.


Yesterday, I walked around the beautiful campus of Indiana University, where I matriculated in 1960. I admired the Victorian brick buildings covered in ivy, walked through the Indiana Memorial Union, which has the appearance of a gothic cathedral and strolled along the Jordon River and over the stone bridge, which stretches over what is actually a creek.

I contemplated, “What an impressive setting to contemplate the Creator, the great ideas and books of antiquity and glorious cultures of times past and appreciate the scientific breakthroughs, which has made life in the 21st Century so easy compared to the past.”

Alas, I knew the appearance of stability was all a shallow veneer, a façade disguising the fraud and decadence which is truly Indiana Univeristy. The green ivy hides the crumbling mortar between the bricks of a university, which is crumbling at her very foundations.

The IU I love gradually and imperceptibly disappeared by the early 20th Century.

The mortal blow struck when the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction was founded at IU in 1947, right in the center of the cornfields and limestone of Indiana’s heartland.

The corrupt Kinsey Institute became the precursor for the sexual revolution of the late 60’s. Now the Institute is dedicated to promoting sexual perversions of all sorts, none of which results in reproduction. The homepage of their website shows two lesbians embracing.

Students are no longer seeking after truth, for according to their professors, there are no absolute truths and morality is relative. Consequently, they are pursuing a life devoted to self-indulgence, which always ends in self-destruction.

Great thoughts are not on their minds; their minds have become obsessed with sex, sex and more sex. The institution no longer even promotes the concept of university but diversity is the goal.

IU and other state universities have exchanged the truth of God for the lies of secularism, multi-culturalism, pluralism and a plethora of other isms covering virtually all that they can imagine, instead of the claims of the Christian religion upon which the University was founded.

The institution has fallen into the blackness of darkness. She deserves the judgment of God for her apostasy.

I still love IU for what she yet can be if we succeed in bringing a revival of religion to her and rebuild her on the sure foundation of Christianity.


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