The Beat Goes On

tumblr_npqg80xSUo1u3hl3zo1_1280.gifAssad evidently killed his own people, “innocent” men, women, and children. I suppose by innocent is meant “non-combatants” in the Syrian Civil War.

There are atrocities going on all over the world. I am not particularly impressed when there are appeals to the suffering of children. Suffering has generally been the state of mankind throughout history, including for children.

Remember under the Clinton administration, Attorney Janet Reno, during the Waco siege, ordered the firing of his/her own people, men, women and children.

The Branch Davidians were accused of “stockpiling illegal weapons.” At least the children, if not the others, were innocent. Seventy-six men, women and children were burned alive. It was a terrible thing to watch!

As for the banning of “chemical weapons’ by “civilized nations,” during the Bush years, we heard the term new term, “weapons of mass destruction.” Domestically, there has been talk of outlawing “assault” rifles for decades. Now in London they are prohibiting knives. All of these weapons, including the hydrogen bomb, can cause terrible death and mass destruction.

Weapons are arms, whether they be guns, knives, chemicals, bombs or even missiles. Warfare and death are horrible. Alas, warfare is often necessary. “There will be wars and rumors of wars.”

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