Teacher Walkout!


This teacher walkout is unprofessional behavior and a bad example to students. The teachers are complaining that their walkout is for the benefit of students, who have to suffer from broken chairs and duct taped text books. Why not have the shop teachers take the chairs and have their student do the repairs? I have used Bibles for years that are duct taped. Some of my favorite theological books are duct taped. Why not just put the text books on computer?

This strike in not about students; it is all about the overpaid teachers. Teachers in general are paid better than teachers when I was in school, who never would have considered going on strike. These people need to be thankful they have a job. They should be fired or go back to the classroom.

Teachers claim that revenue is lower because of the repeal of taxes on hotel and motel stays. A lot of these stays are by people out of state, like myself. Why should we with our money support Oklahoma schools? These teachers also want to restore the capital gains tax cuts. They want the legislature to pass a bill to bring in more revenue from gambling. Promoting gambling is a bad example for students, which again demonstrates that teachers don’t really care about students.
Schools should be supported by local taxes, not state revenue.

Actually, I would be in favor of shutting down all the public schools. Most of what teachers are doing is turning out a bunch of mush headed socialists.

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