Roseanne Show and Trump


I just finished watching the Roseanne Show. I was not impressed. The  daughter and granddaughter have moved in with Roseanne and husband; the granddaughter is a 15-year-old disrespectful hellion. Roseanne does put her in her place.

There was no mention of Trump or politics in general. If the show is going to continue with high ratings, it will have to incorporate more of the Trump theme. The late-night comedians realize the power of negatively invoking the name of Trump to increase ratings. There is even more power in naming the name of Trump in a positive way, especially among working class people, which Roseanne is evidently targeting.

I never watched Roseanne’s first round as the protagonist in her first sitcom. Nor did I ever see her talk show. The only thing I remember was her off-key rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner at a baseball game. He performance was especially disgraceful because she grabbed her crotch and spit after singing the sacred anthem. I remember Bush I was offended at her performance.


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