Resurrection Message


Yesterday, Christendom celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord. But do we really believe that, “He is Risen?”

The pastor of McFarlin UMC encouraged the faithful to go forth and tell someone this week of his Resurrection. Are you planning on reminding anyone this day?

On a cold and cloudy Monday, Brother Jed and Co. will be shining the heat of the Risen Light of the world in the open air at the University of Oklahoma.

If your grandpa died and was buried this past Friday and suddenly rose out of the coffin as you were mourning his passing, would not you have been shouting? Wouldn’t you still be telling everyone today? “Grandpa was dead in his coffin and suddenly rose up to greet us.” You would be proclaiming what happened for the rest of your life.

I fear that today the church will fall back on its normal daily silence concerning Jesus’ Resurrection. If you are not going to tell others, please send your support to The Campus Ministry USA, because we are proclaiming daily the good news even among those who do not want to hear it.

Yesterday, Christendom proclaimed the news among those who believe; we are shouting it from the housetop to those who refuse to believe. We need your help and support.

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