What is the difference between Poland and Germany?


In 1979 when Poland was still under the domination of the Communist, Pope John Paul II returns to Poland to offers a communion to the people of Warsaw, who cried, “We want God!” God answered their prayer and the Communist regime quickly tumbled. Our good President Trump told the story in his speech.

Germany effectively rejected the Bible with the higher criticism, which was centered in 19th Century Germany. They were crushed in WWI. Then they got Hitler and the National Socialist Workers Party and defeated again in WWII. They are big losers.

Germany never repented after WWII; they are still essentially socialist without the racial anti-Jewish overtones. Germans still don’t want God, the Bible or Jesus Christ. They don’t even want Martin Luther. Now they have Merkel, and hordes of Muslims and rioting in the streets. Poland has peace and is becoming prosperous and wants to be great again. They are smart enough not to open their borders to the barbarian Muslims.

Germany has largely rejected the historical values of Western Civilization, which Trump outlined in his speech. Poland was liberated with the help of the Pope, the Prime Minister (Thatcher) and the President (Reagan). Poland boards the Trump train. Will Merkel, the Russian or the French leader want to ride with Trump? I do not anticipate that they will for they do not have a heart for God, like the Lionheart and the Polish people.

Americans need to cry in our streets, “We want God!” We have a champion in the White House.

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