Ronald and Donald

Ronald Reagan was the first divorced president. Donald Trump is the second; he is twice divorced.

Reagan’s oldest daughter, Maureen, from his marriage to Jane Wyman, was most like her father in having his sunny disposition. There was another daughter, Christine, who only lived one day. His eldest son, Michael, who Ronald and Jane adopted, is the one closest to him in political philosophy and is a conservative talk show host. He did not support the candidacy of Trump. Patti and Ronald, Jr. are the offspring of Ronald and Nancy. Patti for years was a druggie and posed for Playboy; she did somewhat redeem herself in that she drew close to her father during his Alzheimer years and wrote fondly of him. Ron is an atheist and liberal political commentator.

Donald Trump is building a dynasty, which should carry the Trump brand far into the future. Ronald Reagan left behind no biological grandchildren, although his adopted son, Michael, fathered two children, hopefully Ronald’s grandson, Cameron, will honor the Reagan name. Maureen, adopted a daughter from Uganda. Reagan’s only brother, Neil didn’t have any children. Donald Trump has eight grandchildren with more likely to come, including Donald Trump III. Eleven-year-old Barron has already become a controversial celebrity, who likes to dress like his father.

Trump has done a marvelous job in raising successful children, who are devoted to his cause and actively campaigned for his presidency. Trump has dealt impressively with the difficulties of “the blended family.” His example should be an encouragement to so many families in this generation, who are dealing with this type of family situation.

Trump had three basic rules for his children, no tobacco, no drugs and no alcohol; later he added another rule, no tattoos. Evidently, his children have honored him in these areas. Trump has been more successful as a family man than Reagan, although a father can do the right things and still have rebellious children. God, himself, being a prime example. Reagan’s children accused their parents of being so into their devotion to one another, that the children felt neglected.

The fact the Donald was not faithful to his wives is a black mark against him, although he has straightened out in his old age. As a father, adultery and divorce are setting a bad example. Usually, children are scared by unfaithfulness to marriage vows; this does not seem to be a problem with Trump’s children, who must have at least had the insight to choose wives with good parenting abilities.

The old standard that the proof is in the pudding; or as Jesus put it, “Wisdom is justified of all her children,” gives a significant edge to Trump as a family man over Reagan.

Score: Trump gets an 8 and Reagan receives a 5 as fathers in Brother Jed’s evaluation.

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