All’s Well That Ends Well.

I was listening on the radio to the local news from Ventura, CA. The biggest story was the rescue of a cat and dog from a fire. The rest of the news was also inconsequential.

I got to thinking how the vast majority of Americans go about their daily activities peacefully and busily but without major crisis, unless there is a death in the family.

Then the national news came on, which anxiously speaks of a nation in crisis. The new mantra is “breaking news,” which is intended to take our breath away. Each day has become “a busy news day.”

   I don’t suppose most Americans watch network or cable news. They don’t care about the alleged Russian and Trump election connection, nor any other issue on the National News. They might tune to get a report on the latest terrorist attack but within 10 minutes it all gets repetitive. And anyway, it happened far away from you and me.

Life goes on folks. Be thankful that you are living a quiet and peaceful life with family and friends in your hometown. But don’t neglect the real question, “Where will you spend eternity?” This life will soon be over even for those of us that are most healthy and vigorous.

Put your faith in Christ and all will work out well at the finish. Make the church of your choice the center of your spiritual and social life for the sake of the Lord and your family. In church you will meet the best people who can be your friends for life. And remember, all’s well that ends well.

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