The left’s use of language to win the “Cultural War” has been so insidious, that I can only conclude that it is satanically inspired.
   One of liberals most successful semantic campaigns is promotion of the so-called “gay” agenda. We end up adopting their language by calling them “gays.” Thus, putting a positive impression on their abominable practices. Even the term “homosexual,” which was not in usage until the late 19th Century, is a morally neutral term.
   The lefts support of “Planned Parenthood” sounds so reasonable and even family orientated, when in fact the organization is anti-marriage and anti-family and their philosophy has led to an alarming high rate of illegitimate babies [bastards].
Other terms the left has cunningly invented or employed to promote their socialist agenda are social justice [who could oppose that?], multi-culturalism, diversity, racism and tolerance. Their creation of new words and their redefinition of old ones are enough to publish a big fat dictionary of political correctness.
   The right has incorporated most of the semantics of the left in the public debate. Thus, losing the first battle of the Cultural War. Conservatives been generally dull in combating this war for words.
   Pat Buchanan is an exception. He thought up the term “Cultural War.” Regrettably, the old warrior was roundly criticized by many fellow Republicans for using this militant language at the Republican convention in 1992. We need more wordsmiths on the right like Brother Pat, if we have any hope of defeating socialism.
   With so many Christian conservatives, the Holy Spirit ought to inspire us to come up with the power words we need to combat political correctness. We can start by restoring the old fashion word SIN to our vocabulary, and in regards to abortion, BLOODY MURDER.
   I attribute the left’s semantic genius to the devil because leftists are really not as smart as they think they are. The talk show host, Michael Savage, has said, “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” Savage employs psychobabble against the liberals. The truth is, liberalism is not a mental disease; it is wickedness, selfishness, thievery, etc.
The left was able to win the semantic war by its long march through America’s key institutions, that control the language–the government schools, academia, the media, Hollywood and the music industry.
   Even the church has infiltrated by the language of the left. Many of the Christian colleges founded in the 18th and 19th Centuries have closed, not being able to compete with the tax supported state institutions of “higher learning.” The ones that have survived, endured by implementing liberal jargon and teaching the same curriculum at the state universities.
   Pastor David Coke in his Preface to my book, “All Trumped Up,” identifies great leaders as those who speak a common language. It is not the new language, of social media, millennial’s and academics. “It is the language of the past, the language of TRUTH. Sadly, this language has become extinct in modern leadership and has been replaced with the language of religious and political correctness.”
   Rev. Coke explains, “Donald Trump speaks the language of truth fluently: pronouncing, repeating, pausing, and inflecting, in perfect diction, those words and phrases which describe REALITY. The ‘dictionary’ of this language is the Bible, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America and the lives of those men and women who gave themselves for its preservation.”
   President Trump’s forerunner was Patrick J. Buchannan. Trump is not the wordsmith that Brother Pat is; Trump’s language is the language of a man of business, who is able to communicate to the common man, whose vote put him in the White House.
   Trump is as wise as the serpent, when he calls the leader of North Korea “a smart cookie.” Whereas liberals and establishment conservatives simply see Kim as “crazy.” As long as he is regarded as mental case, he remains a formidable foe. Trump understands that he is dealing with a very calculating young leader, who with his late father has succeeded in manipulating both Republican and Democrat administrations for decades. Trump, who is the master of “The Art of the Deal,” has the craftiness to outsmart the communist enemy, Kim.

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